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Those who call themselves number one before it's decided, are doomed to fail from the start!

—Nile to Masamune Kadoya, MM020

Nile (ナイル, Nairu) is a recurring character in Beyblade: Metal Masters and Beyblade: Metal Fury.

He was a member of Team Wild Fang, the African Representational Team during the Big Bang Bladers World Championships. He was teamed up with his friends and allies Kyoya Tategami, Demure and The Masked Bull aka Benkei Hanawa. He continued to stay friends with his teammates after the tournament and battles intellectually and fiercely with his Beyblade, Vulcan Horuseus 145D.


Nile is an young Egyptian with tanned skin and brown hair with orange bangs that are complimented by matching extensions. He has dark green eyes decorated with orange face paint beneath each eye.

He wears a long green shirt with a curved yellow stripe on the chest, a black and yellow coat, tan pants, and a tanned colored scarf underneath the collar of his jacket. He also wears black and yellow gloves with bandage-like wrappings on his forearms. He also has these wrappings on his lower legs and black and yellow shoes.

He wears a red scarf around his waist that is partially covered by a brown belt with a gold buckle. He has his beyblade gear tied to his belt.


Nile is a level-headed, cool, brave and a honest person. He is very timid and level headed to where he only speaks for when the moment calls for it and hates when people speak out of turn, or too much in general, hence his rivalry with the talkative Masamune Kadoya. He also proved to be a quite powerful blader, as he won after battling Masamune.

He admires and is a good friend of Kyoya Tategami due to his great pride and bravery, qualities of which Nile shares. Though he is not arrogant, Nile is not above taunting his enemy if the situation calls for it and will do what is necessary to win, even if it goes above his pride. He is also more calm than Kyoya, telling Kyoya to calm down when he used Leone to destroy Dynmais temple.


Beyblade: Metal Masters

Nile was raised in Egypt and was named after the Nile River. He grew up loving beyblade and had a great talent for the sport, but their were no strong beybladers like him there. So during the World Championships Nile decided to go to Rock City, Savannah to participate in the African Selection Matches, which would decide the members of Team Africa.

Team Wild Fang Formed

Team Wild Fang is formed with Nile, Kyoya and Demure

Nile demonstrated great skill in winning a 25-Man Battle Royal to qualify. In the final selection process where the three winners had to protect their winning bracelets for 24 Hours Nile hangs around with his potential teammate; Kyoya Tategami who he had impressed with his win.

Nile and Kyoya battle alongside each other several times to defend their bracelets, after Kyoya convinces Nile to battle rather than lay in wait. They are soon met by their fellow winner; Marcus who tricks them into falling into a pit and steals their bracelets without battling them.

With only a few hours left, Nile and Kyoya search for Marcus, but to no avail until they run into Demure, a beyblader who had also taken part in the battle royal. He helps them to find Marcus and his team mates. Nile and Kyoya, with the help of Demure's great eyesight, easily defeat Marcus and reclaim their bracelets. They give the third bracelet to Demure. Kyoya becomes the the leader of their team: Team Wild Fang and together the three of them battle blader after blader.

Rise of the Wild Fang!

Team Wild Fang is undefeated in the first two rounds of the tournament, where Nile would lead by winning the first match and Kyoya would finish it with the second.

MFE70 026

Nile battles Vridick in the first match against Vridick

In Team Wild Fang's third round match up they face the prized Indian team: Team Chandora. Chandora underestimates Wild Fang's Strength and says so during the press conference to which Wild Fang sends their newest member, The Masked Bull to respond.

Nile is the first-round pick in a matchup against Chandora's member Vridick who is expected to win. Nile easily defeats Vridick within two moves, winning quickly enough to avoid data collection by the present Team GanGan Galaxy. Kyoya follows up by giving a glimpse of his strength to defeat Team Leader, Salhan.

Masamune challenges Nile

Nile is challenged by Masamune

After leaving India Team Wild Fang heads to Japan to face Team GanGan Galaxy in the A-Block Semi Final. Everyone in Japan is excited for GanGan Galaxy's return as well as Kyoya's not bothering Nile at all. Rather GanGan Galaxy's second member; Masamune Kadoya.

Due to all of the hype, Wild Fang agrees to participate in a press conference where it is nearly all about Gingka and Kyoya. This riles up Masamune into challenging Nile who is irritated by Masamune's claim that his battle against Nile. will be the one that will go down in history. Nile warns Masamune that this is one battle he'll regret choosing and shows off his beyblade; Vulcan Horuseus 145D as the rivalry between them begins.

Horuseus vs. Striker!

Masamune vs Nile 2

Nile faces Masamune

The next day the A-Block Semi Finals begins as Team Wild Fang faces Team Gan Gan Galaxy! Nile is first up against Masamune Kadoya in the well anticipated first match up. Nile battles Masamune expecting him to be all talk but is surprised when he has a good level of power with his beyblade; Ray Striker D125CS.

Team GanGan Galaxy who was unable to previously gather any data on Nile are surprised to find that he has very impressive beyblading skills with his incredibly unique beyblade. Nile proves Horuseus Legacy as the King of the Sky by slowly overwhelming Masamune who is only worried about putting on a better show then Gingka. Nile continues to pressure Masamune with simply brute strength, in which the embarrassment would slowly kill his pride.

Masamune defeated

Nile crushes Masamune's pride by winning the first match-up

Thanks to Gingka's advice from the sidelines, Masamune tries to come back using Striker's full power. Nile admits he's forced him to use Horuseus full power and proves it by activating his special move; Mystic Zone. The attack breaks Striker's offence and sends it flying out of the stadium, Nile and his team the first win. After crushing Masamune in their match Nile tells Masamune and his team mates that those who claim the prize before it is given are doomed to fail, Masamune being the perfect example.

Kyoya battles Gingka in the next match as Nile watches in hopes of his victory, once the match is decided to be a draw, Kyoya is clearly injured leaving Nile as acting Team captain. In the next match Tsubasa is to face Demure in a one on one battle but thanks to Nile and Demure's quick wits they turn it into a two on two battle with Demure and Masked bull facing Tsubasa and Yu Tendo. During the match Tsubasa figures out that they set up the match to be a trap by using Demure's ability to see an opponent's moves before they make them and Masked Bull's power all according to Nile's plan. After Tsubasa loses control of the Dark Power Nile's plan turns upside down as Nile himself is shocked by Tsubasa's wrath which eventually leads to Demure and Masked Bull's defeat.

GanGan vs Wild Fang

Nile battles alongside Kyoya against Masamune & Gingka

Leaving both teams with one win and one draw the several bladers are out including Tsubasa & Yu who are incapacitated from their match and Gingka and Kyoya who are injured from theirs leaving only Nile, Demure and Bull along with Masamune to decide the final match.

The final match is decided to be a tag team with the remaining members, forcing Nile to battle alongside someone else. Nile intially chooses Demure due to Kyoya's injuries but Kyoya refuses and joins the battle anyway ignoring his injuries in a final attempt to battle with Gingka. The final match up is decided to be Nile & Kyoya against Masamune & Gingka.

Nile defeated

Nile is defeated along with Kyoya and Gingka

Their battles starts off with Nile trying to take the lead and defeat a weakened Gingka until he is pushed aside by Kyoya who demands that he battle Gingka leaving Masamune to Nile. Nile easily dominates Masamune for the majority of their match until Masamune realizes and admits he cannot defeat Nile by himself. Masamune and Gingka then imply their teamwork training to gain the upper hand and push Nile and Kyoya into a corner.

As their opponents strike Kyoya defends Nile so he can charge his impenetrable Special Move; Mystic Zone! Nile prepares the attack, but Kyoya's Leone gives way allowing Masamune's Ray Striker to clash with Nile's Horuseus before it was ready sending Leone, Pegasus and Horuseus flying giving Team GanGan Galaxy the ultimate win and eliminating Wild Fang from the tournament. At first Nile blames himself for their defeat but is reassured by Kyoya that this lost wasn't his fault as he and Nile congratulate the winning team.

Spiral Force Takedown

Nile returns

Nile returns in America

During GanGan Galaxy's journey to the top, Nile remains with his team mates back in Savana watching their progress on television. During GanGan Galaxy's final match with Team Star Breaker Ryuga returns which sparks Kyoya's interest to investigate so he along with Nile, Benkei Hanawa and Demure head to America to see if something bigger was going on.

During their time in America Dr. Ziggurat reveals the Spiral Force as Gingka and Co. try to stop him. Masamune and Dashan battle Argo and Julian until they are backed into a corner, Julian prepares to finish them, but they are saved by Nile who arrived just in time and eventually forces Julian and Argo's retreat.

Nile, Benkei and Demure remain

Nile, Benkei and Demure stay behind

When Team Excalibur (minus Juilan) join them all teams head out to the city. In an attempt to escape with the Spiral Force Dr.Ziggurat launches Hades City and during that launch Nile along with the rest of Team Wild Fang rush to get aboard. They are intercepted by Team Garcias who they battle alongside several beybladers from HD Academy.

Nile along with Benkei, Kyoya and Demure defeat Ian Garcia and his band of HD Academy Bladers but are too late in boarding Hades City leaving them behind. The Spiral Force is eventually taken down by Ryuga and Gingka and afterwards Nile returns to Africa with Demure saying goodbye to his new brothers Benkei and Kyoya.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

He reappears in Beyblade: Metal Fury where he helps Gingka, Yuki Mizusawa, Benkei Madoka and Kyoya find Dynamis alongside Demure. He battles Bao Johannes and the Beylin Fist bladers alongside Benkei and Demure beating them all while Kyoya beats Aguma. The trio continue their journey. Later the group finds Dynamis in his temple where he tells them about the star fragment. Ryuto battles Dynamis and easily loses to him. Gingka then gets ready to battle Dynamis. During the battle Demure analyses Dynamis's moves and notes how strong Jade Jupiter S130RB really is. The battle has no outcome as Dynamis tells them all about the history of Nemesis and how the Legendary Bladers of the past defeated the god of destruction. They all learn that each Legendary Bladder has a part to play. Dynamis also tells them that there is another Legendary Blader, Tithi. Then Aguma, Bao, Johannes, and some Beylin Fist Bladers come and attack them. Everyone except Ryuto and Madoka, launch their beys. Both sides deal heavy blows. Aguma insults Kyoya causing him to lose control and use King Lion Crushing Fang to destroy the temple. Demure wonders why Kyoya is so upset while Nile tells him to calm down. When Kyoya does not stop Gingka uses Cosmic Pegasus F:D to attack Fang Leone 130W2D while Nile uses Mystic Zone ending the fight with no outcome. Kyoya leaves the group while Demure and the other's learn that Tithi is the last Legendary Blader they need to find. Demure and Nile later appear investigating the strange activities that are occurring around the world. While the Legendary Bladers fight Rago and Pluto the earth faces major issues causing him and Nile to get worried. he is then shown giving Gingka his power to beat Nemesis for good. After Nemesis is beaten, he celebrates along with the rest of the world.


Vulcan Horuseus 145D VulcanHoruseus 1: Nile's Primary Beyblade. It is a defense type beyblade with incredible attack power and endurance. Horuseus or Horus; The King of The Sky is an egyptian God from myth which the beyblade keeps Two faces of Attack and Defence like Horus has an eye of the Sun and the Moon.

The wide area on the Wing Motif of the Fusion Wheel makes every hit against an opponent different, and it is also capable of reflecting air off of the Wing like bullets at the enemy (Vulcan Cannon). Its energy ring is capable of producing centrifugal force that sends energy out to the Fusion Wheel causing it to glow representing its great attack power. It's defense performance tip allows it to halt powerful attacks on command, coming to a complete stop.

Special Moves

MFB Celestial God
  • Vulcan Cannon: Horuseus bounces air off it's Fusion Wheel to fire wind like bullets that represent a Vulcan Cannon.
  • Mystic Zone: Horuseus gathers light into itself creating energy which it explodes into magic tags that come together and create a pillar or zone that can repel any attack. If the light is not fully charged and Horuseus is attacked, it'll explode and self destruct, representing it's raw power.


Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Unknown Bladers Offscreen Win
Blue Group Battle Royal MM018 Win
Unknown bladers MM018 Win
Unknown bladers (Tag w/ Kyoya) MM018 Win
Unknown bladers MM018 Win
Unknown bladers (Tag w/ Kyoya) MM018 Win
Team Marcus (Tag w/ Kyoya) MM018 Win
Unknown Bladers (Tag w/ Kyoya and Demoure) MM018 Not shown
Unknown World Championship Blader Offscreen Win
Unknown World Championship Blader Offscreen Win
Vridick MM019 Win
Masamune Kadoya MM020 Win
Masamune Kadoya and Gingka Hagane (Tag w/ Kyoya) MM023 Lose
Julian Konzern and Argo Garcia (Tag w/ Masamune and Dashan) MM045 No outcome
Ian Garcia and HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Team Wild Fang) MM046 Win
Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Johannes, Bao and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ Demoure, and Benkei) 4D019 Win
Aguma, Bao, Johannes and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ Gingka, Dynamis, Kyoya, Demoure, Benkei, and Yuki) 4D022 No outcome


Beyblade: Metal Masters

Beyblade: Metal Fury


  • "Boom baby!"
  • "Do you think we went a little overboard?"
  • "You sure make a lot of noise for a little guy." (Nile to Masamune)
  • "Calm Down, Masamune."
  • "Now It's time for the King to decend to Earth!"


  • Nile is the name of a River God in the Greek mythology named Neilos (also known as "Nile") who was living in the Nile - a river in North Africa.
  • Nile is one of the members of the two teams who represent the continents they're from and the other teams represent their countries except for Team Excalibur, who represent the continent Europe as a whole.
  • Both Nile's and Yuki's beasts are Egyptian Gods.
  • As far as we know, Nile has only lost 1 battle.
  • Nile has some similarities to Kai Hiwatari from the Original Series:
    • They both have differently colored bangs.
    • They both wear face paint.
    • They both wear a scarf.
  • Nile is the only member of wild Fang that never battled Tsubasa Otori or Yu Tendo.