Nile vs. Vridick is the first match up between Team Wild Fang vs. Team Chandora.


Wild Fang vs Chandora

Team Wild Fang faces Team Chandora

Team Wild Fang has won their first and second round match ups without losing a single battle, and the team heads to India for their third round match. The Indian team is none other then the praised Team Chandora who posses powerful beyblades and the support of their nation.

During the press conference, Team Chandora gloats about their power and underestimates the strength of Team Wild Fang. While Benkei "The Masked Bull" arrives to tell them that Wild Fang will easily win, with Nile leading in the first match against Vridick.


Horuseus vs Serpeant

Horuseus battles Serpent

The battle begins with Vridick's Storm Serpent starting off with great speeds to attack Horuseus and push it across the stage. Nile remains calm and uses the command "Flap your wings Horuseus" to send blasts of air at Serpent which send it flying.

Serpent survives by landing inside the stadium but Nile immediately capitalises, having enough time to charge his speical move; Mystic Zone! In the blink of an eye, Vridick's Serpent is sent flying out of the stadium, leaving Nile as the victor.

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