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Ninja Salamander is s Speed-Type BeyRaiderz based on the Beyblade, Ninja Salamander SW145SD.

It was released by Hasbro with a Fire Power Token based on it, BeyRaiderz Ripcord and Collector Card during December 2013 internationally for $8.99 USD.

Token Tracker: TT-11[]

Energy Core: Ninja Salamander[]

Tracker Wheel: Speed[]

Official description[]

Launch into a new dimension of Beyblade battles with hard-charging BeyRaiderz vehicles! This fast-revving 3-piece Ninja Salamander vehicle is a Speed type that blasts into battle when you pull out the ripcord. It returns automatically to you once its mission to capture a Power Token with its TT-11 Token Tracker is complete! Launch, capture and return with your Ninja Salamander vehicle!

Beyblade products are produced by Hasbro under license from d-rights, Inc. and manufactured under license from Tomy Company Ltd.

  • Launch and capture with the BeyRaiderz vehicles
  • Ninja Salamander BR-02 is a Speed type
  • Comes with Speed Tracker Wheel and TT-11 Token Tracker
  • Vehicle returns automatically
  • Includes 1 Fire Power Token

Includes Ninja Salamander BeyRaiderz vehicle, ripcord, Fire Power Token and collector card.

  • Ages 8 and up
  • Ripcord only works with BeyRaiderz Vehicles.


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