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Nova Neptune Vertical Trans (ノヴァネプチューン・バーチカル・トランス, Noba Nepuchūn Bāchikaru Toransu) is a Balance Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. It was released in Japan on August 6th, 2016 for 2700円 as part of the Triple Booster Set.

It is the successor to Neptune Armed Zephyr.

Energy Layer - Nova Neptune[]

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Takara Tomy's Nova Neptune, like its predecessor Neptune, is a Balance Type Energy Layer that has an overall round shape. Its design consists of six sloped wave-like blades; three of which are large and are made of clear plastic, and the other three are smaller and are made of colored plastic. Unlike Neptune; in which two sideways heads on either side are featured in the center, the center of Nova Neptune features two downward profile faces on either side; with one of them wearing a crown, representing the Layer's namesake; Neptune, the god of the sea in Roman Mythology.

Unlike its predecessor Neptune, Nova Neptune has some recoil due to the shape of its sloped blades. As such, it does not have as much Defense capabilities as Neptune. While it is decent in terms of Stamina, other Layers such as Dark Deathscyther are better options. Furthermore, Nova Neptune also has sub-par Attack, making it outclassed and ill-suited for Attack Combinations as well.

Nova Neptune's four teeth further aggravate this issue; three of which are short in length, and only the second-to-last tooth is medium in length. This creates a high Burst risk that can be greatly reduced through the use of Performance Tips with a strong spring such as Zephyr' or Destroy'. Despite the release of these Performance Tips, due to Nova Neptune's weak performance, it is rendered outclassed by its predecessor Neptune.

Forge Disc - Vertical[]

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Vertical is shaped somewhat like an upside-down funnel, similar to its predecessor Armed. However, unlike Armed, which has a more gradual and rounded slope, Vertical’s slope begins at a sharper angle and continues downward in a straight line. Vertical also sports a jagged, line-like design, which forms the outline for several holes on the disc’s exterior and eight protrusions on its underside. Despite resembling Armed in terms of shape, Vertical does not offer the same resistance to Bursting that Armed is notable for, while also possessing less Stamina than top-tier Forge Discs such as Spread and Gravity.

Performance Tip - Trans[]

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Trans features an adjustable tip at standard height with two settings, Stamina and Attack, which are switched by twisting the bottom portion of the Performance Tip. Embossed onto the top is a stylized "T" for easy differentiation.

The Stamina setting exposes a small low angle cone tip meant to make the Beyblade stationary in the center of the stadium, however to accommodate the mode change the cone tip is incredibly small in diameter, unlike Survive. Due to this, the tip is susceptible to being knocked off balance in this setting and with the bulky size of Trans, can lead to risks of scraping, though this effect is mitigated by the low angle of the tip. However, the setting lags behind Tips such as Eternal to due to the lack of a free spinning component.

The Attack setting covers the cone tip with a flat tip with a hole in the center akin to Zephyr, creating an aggressive but controllable movement pattern with a hybrid of Attack and Stamina properties, ideal for Mobile Stamina Combinations. However the edges of the flat tip has 4 small tabs around it which prevents the tip from catching onto the Tornado Ridge, instead causing it to grind and lose Stamina making this tip a poor choice for Tornado Stalling Combinations.


Takara Tomy[]


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  • Nova Neptune is based on the word "nova", a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness until it subsides in a few months, and Neptune, the god of the sea in Roman mythology. This is enforced by its avatar, which is a merman wielding a spear.
  • Nova Neptune is the first Beyblade in the Burst series where the Japanese release and the anime debut episode are more than one month apart.