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Nowaguma is a recurring character in the Metal Saga, first appearing in Beyblade: Metal Masters. He is a member of the Russian team, Team Lovushka.

His main ambition is to go to space with his teammates Aleksei and Lera. After losing to Team Gan Gan Galaxy, he and his teammates finally obtain a sponsor, allowing them to accomplish their goal. His Beyblade is Rock Orso D125B.


His bluish black hair covers his eyes. For some odd reason, he wears a huge space suit that gives him the resemblance of a bear because of his tall stature. Because of this costume, his voice is slightly blurred.


He is calm, almost shy, but he unleashes his furious style in Beyblade matches, and tries to intimidate his opponents with his bear-like attributes; probably referring to his bey being Rock Orso, with the beast being a bear.


Beyblade: Metal Masters

Nowaguma first appears in The Wintry Land of Russia along with other members of Team Lovushka. He battles Gingka to buy Aleksei time to copy information into his thumb drive on Gan Gan Galaxy from Madoka's computer.

He next appears in How Grand! The Cage Match!, where he is chosen as the advanced guard for Team Lovushka, and battles Gingka in the cage stadium. The stadium supports his Orso as Gingka is unable to use his special move, so Nowaguma gets the upper hand. He seems like a entirely different person in battle as he fiercely attacks Gingka, however Gingka eventually uses the power from his bey to break through the cage and defeats him with his special move. Nowaguma starts apologizing for his defeat, but Anton reveals that he used Nowaguma as a sacrifice.

In Libra Departs for the Front!, he supports Aleksei in his battle against Yu.

Although, his team loses the match and is eliminated from the tournament, they receive sponsors to fund their space program.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

Nowaguma appears alongside Aleksei and Lera to participate in the Group B match of the Sphere 360. He is attacked by Jigsaw, though Lera protects him with her special move, however Jigsaw's second special move knocks his, Aleksei and Lera's Beys out of the stadium.


Russian Bear
Russian Bear Hook 2.png

Special Moves


Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Russian selection match Offscreen Win
Unknown World Championship Blader Offscreen Win/Lose
Gingka Hagane MM013 Lose (on purpose)
Gingka Hagine MM014 Lose
First Consolation Tournament Blader Offcreen Win/Lose
Second Consolation Tournament Blader Offcreen Win/Lose
Chi-yun Li Offcreen Win/Lose (Despite the result, Lovushka still loses the tournament)
Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Owen, Brad, Bruce, Jack, Jigsaw Masamune Kadoya, King (Tag with Team Lovuksa) 4D016 Lose



  • His hair resembles Kenny's from the original series.
  • He uses Rock Orso like the Kumade Brothers.
  • Nowaguma doesn't talk that often.