Olympia-Arena von aussen

The Olympia Colosseum is shown for the first time in the 38th episode " An Olympic Match " and is at least three times the size of the Glitter Dome . Robert had this private arena built, but the price is unknown. The Blade Breakers challenged the Majestics to a fight that was to be staged as an opening fight in the Olympia Colosseum.

Although surrounded by a lake, the arena is state-of-the-art and can accommodate over a hundred thousand spectators. From every seat you have a fantastic view of the field. It has the third largest transmission monitor in the world and a paddling pool for the kids is still there.

Known participants

Well-known participants who played in the Olympia Colosseum:

  • Tyson
  • Kai
  • Ray
  • Oliver
  • Johnny
  • Robert
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