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Orichalcum O3 Outer Octa, stylized as Ωrichalcum O3 Outer Octa, known as Orichalcum Outer Octa (オリハルコン・アウター・オクタ, Oriharukon Autā Okuta) in Japan, stylized as Ωrichalcum Ωuter Ωcta, is a Stamina Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the God Layer System. It was released as a Rare Bey Get Battle Prize Booster in Japan in August 2017 and was later released in western countries as a SwitchStrike Starter Pack for CAD$17.99 in Canada, USD$12.99 in the United States, and AUD$24.99 in Australia.

Energy Layer - Orichalcum O3

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Orichalcum O3 features a round design with a face on either side and orbs on either side, meant to represent this Layer's Japanese namesake, the historical metal Orichalcum. As part of the SwitchStrike/God Layer System, Orichalcum features a gimmick; the underside of the Layer features claws that grip onto the Performance Tip.

Due to the centrifugal force of a Beyblade's spin, each half of the Layer will extend outward and in turn bring two grooved claws on the underside of the Layer inwards to grip onto the Performance Tip and revealing red coloration for identification. In theory this is meant to increase the Burst resistance of an Orichalcum Combination early in battle where spin speeds and thus Burst risks are highest. In practice, the grooved claws increase the friction between the Layer and Tip and thus the gimmick works as intended.

However, two factors limit the gimmick's effectiveness: The action of each half of the Layer extending outwards creates an elliptical shape akin to Metal Fight Beyblade's Flash Metal Wheel. Such a shape creates high amounts of recoil and increases the Burst risk and can create a KO risk depending on the Tip used. Orichalcum's Japanese release features four teeth of only medium length and thus the Layer must depend on its gimmick to not Burst with the aforementioned shape.

Unlike its predecessor Shadow OrichalcumOrichalcum features much more intricate detail molding which creates more gaps. However these gaps are very shallow and small which creates no discernible difference in performance.

Forge Disc - Outer

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Outer features a wide, almost perfectly circular shape with large gaps separating the center form the edge, these gaps are mean to increase Outward Weight Distribution to increase Stamina while the circular perimeter increases Life After Death. Outer boasts the highest Stamina and Life After Death in the game, outclassing 2/4/5/7 Cross/Glaive Core Disc and Disc Frame Combinations while not presenting the same Burst risk as the aforementioned Core Discs and Disc Frames or similar Forge Discs such as Ring due to its weight.

Performance Tip - Octa

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