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Orojya Revizer T125JB Dark Blue Ver. is a Water Synchrome Defense Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy.

Shogun Face Bolt - Orojya Revizer

The stone face shows Revizer and Orojya combined. Orojya depicts the mythical creature "Yamata no Orochi" or just "Orochi" which has 8 heads and 8 tails. Revizer depicts "Leviathan" which is a sea dwelling serpent. The Stone Face shows Leviathan facing to the left with a sinister grin. While with Orojya, it shows 3 heads of Orojya also facing to the left while opening it's mouth, showing it's fangs. It is a turquoise-ish in color.

Warrior Wheel - Revizer

Weight: 30.5 grams

Showing off quite the impression of being circular, Revizer carries many elements of its source material into its appearance. The most noticeable would be the Revizer's head that is resting atop of the Warrior Wheel with a menacing expression. The tail of the legendary creature follows this as it whip-lashes and circles the entire Wheel. Some subtle wave-pool and oceanic designs are then carried to other distinguishable areas but does not fail to showcase some holes here-and-there.

Being the almost-circular Warrior Wheel that it is, two holes at two of its sides stop it from achieving the perfection. These holes are formed by the sea-riding waves details that can be visualized additionally as yet another leviathan raising its jaws. It is light blue with green stickers.

Warrior Wheel - Orojya

Weight: 29.3 grams

This Warrior Wheel consists of a ring circled by multiple snakes. These engraved serpents create small protrusions all around Orojya, like a gear. Following the characteristic of all Shogun Steel Beyblades, Orojya has a hole for the Element Wheel's orb to protrude into, and two snake heads encase it from each side with their fangs. Some swirly designs exist in the inner part of this Warrior Wheel, all the way down to the opposite side of the crystal, where a menacing face is formed. Made to resemble a snake's head in a front view, two evil eyes are engraved as well as small fangs near the edge of Orojya, and that big head's apparent mustaches are prolonged to become the many small serpents encircling the rest of the Warrior Wheel. This wheel could be useful for defense in the synchrom combo MSF-H/MSF Orojya-Killerken GB145/ED145RS/CS. Also most parts are covered by serpents and/or sea snakes. It is turquoise in color.

Track: Tornado 125 (T125)

Main article: Spin Track - T125

Tornado 125 has four upward-facing wing protrusions spaced apart widely. The Spin Track is designed to work in a similar way to Down Force 145, although the effect it produces is negligible. The performance of Tornado 125 is similar to Defense 125, and in terms of height, it is generally overshadowed by Change Height 120.

Bottom: Jog Ball (JB)

Main article: Performance Tip - Jog Ball

Jog Ball is similar in size to Wide Ball and is part of the "Ball" performance tip line. The tip has tiny spikes all over its round surface. These spikes are able to reduce the amount of surface area that are touching the stadium, making it less effective for defense capabilities over Wide Ball. Jog Ball has found above-mediocre use in one combination only, which is a Left-Spin Destabilizer Combo, L-Drago 100JB.



Takara Tomy


  • Originally, the T125JB combo was released with Rock Scorpio T125JB.
  • This Beyblade was released as a lottery prize during the "Zero-G Series Release Commemorative Campaign 2". By purchasing products at WBBA stores between May 19, 2012 to June 22, 2012, Bladers could enter to win one of the 1000 produced. Like other lottery prizes, this Beyblade was later released in Hong Kong by Mani Limited.