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This article is about the Hasbro release. For the Takara release, see Blizzard Orthrus.

Orthros G is the Hasbro release of Blizzard Orthrus. Unlike the Takara release, it features an Engine Gear Base from Draciel G.

Bit Chip: Orthrus[]

Main article: Bit Chip - Orthrus

This Bit Chip depicts Orthrus, a two-headed dog from Greek mythology and the brother of Cerberus.

Attack Ring: Double Attacker[]

Main article: Attack Ring - Double Attacker

Weight: 5 grams Double Attacker depicts two asymmetrical dogs. This Attack Ring sees use mainly in Right Spin Smash Attack customizations, which is provided by the protrusions acting like the dogs' bodies. However, due to the great asymmetry of this AR and the big space between the two bodies the Smash power is not very strong; for this reason, Double Attacker can't be considered a competitive Attack Ring.

Weight Disk: Ten Wide[]

Main article: Weight Disk - Ten Wide
  • Weight: 14 Grams

Ten Wide is the next in the series of Wide Weight Disks following Dragoon S' Eight Wide, now with two additional sides. As a result, it is both the widest and heaviest of them.

Engine Gear: Right EG (Metal Ball)[]

Main article: Engine Gear - Right EG (Metal Ball)
  • Weight: 11 Grams

Draciel G was given a Right-Spin Engine Gear with a Metal Ball tip. This tip is, like most of the Beyblade, designed to heighten defense. However, this tip can be self-destructive if the Beyblade is knocked off-balance. The metal ball has a cone shape going into the tip, creating a situation where if the Beyblade is wobbling or spinning on an axis, the cone will push the Beyblade farther onto its side until the BB makes contact with the stadium. For this reason, Metal Ball should not be considered for competitive purposes.

Blade Base: Final Clutch[]

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Blade Base - Final Clutch




  • The addition of the suffix "G" was likely due to the Beyblade being a VForce Beyblade being released in the GRevolution toyline.
  • Like other "G" Hasbro releases, Hasbro changed the name of the original Bey, in this case from "Orthrus" to "Orthros", which is commonly confused with Orthrus. "Orthros" refers to an Eastern Christian liturgy.