Osamu is a minor character in the Metal Saga and a friend of Kenta's.


He likes to wear a blue T-Shirt with a red shirt on top and beige trousers. He is chubby and has spiky hair.


He loves to be in the spotlight. He was most interested in finding Beyblade treasure on the Bey Blade Island and receives an Angle Compass and Launcher Grip. His goal was if he won the survival battle was to create his own theme park called OTA Land, obviously named after his friends, Takashi, Akira and him. He loves to think of himself as a great blader and talks a big strength, but skill wise, he lacks. He truly believed he could defeat any blader during the survival battle with his newly found angle compass and took offense when he heard the launcher was meant for beginners.


His bey, a Wind Wolf 145SF, is an Attack-Type.



  • The beginning letter of his name describes his figure; a round one, like an O.
  • Takashi, Akira and he dreamt of OTA Land during survival battle
  • Even though his Bey is Wind Wolf, the facebolt depicts Hydra
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