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Osamu, Takashi and Akira

Osamu, Takashi and Akira are friends of Kenta Yumiya. At first they are minor characters but are later frequently seen. They easily become friends with Gingka Hagane.


He appears to wear a dark blue T-shirt with a red shirt on top and cacky trousers. He is chubby and has spiky hair.

Osamu and his Bey.

He is the main of the three and loves to be in the spotlight. He was most interested in finding Beyblade treasure on the Beyblade Island during the yearly Survival Battle and receives an Angle Compass and Launcher Grip. His goal was if he won the survival battle was to create his own theme park called OTA Land, obviously named after the three.

Osamu bey.jpg

His Bey is an Attack-Type. His fist Bey was a Wind Wolf (Crow) 125FS, but was then changed to a Wind Wolf (Crow) 145B and later to a Wind Wolf (Crow) 145SF when Kenta and Benkei told them how to make your beyblade more powerful in Beyblade: Metal Fusion Episode 19.


He wears a blue shirt and grey trousers. He is skinny and has a somewhat curly bowl cut. He is the tallest of all of them, but it is unknown if he is also the oldest.

Takashi and his Bey.

His Bey is a Defense-Type. His first Bey was a Clay Wolf (NorthernCross) 125SF. But in episode 19 he changed it to Clay Wolf (Northern Cross) D125SF when Kenta and Benkei told them how to make your beyblade more powerful in Beyblade: Metal Fusion Episode 19.


Akira wears a light blue shirt with a dark blue jacket on top. He also wears beige/grey trousers and has a navy-

Akira and his Bey.

blue version of Gingka's hair style. He's neither chubby nor skinny.

His Bey is a Balance Type. His first Bey was Heat Leone (Raven) 100HF/S. In episode 19 he used Heat Wolf (Raven) 125FS and then changed it to Heat Wolf (Raven) 145HF when Kenta and Benkei told him to change his spin track to 145 and his tip to HF. It's unknown how he changed the clear wheel.


  • Even though Akira seems to be a weak Blader, he gets the farthest out of the three in the Japan Tournament.
  • On Madoka's computer, Osamu's bey's name appeared as "Hydraq". In the same episode, in that spot, Gingka's bey said "Pegasis", so Osamu's clear wheel may be "Hydraq". However, Takafumi may have had it done like that to fill the extra space.
  • The beginning letters of their names describe their figures.
    • Osamu, being round like an O.
    • Takashi, being Skinny like a T.
    • Akira, an average figure, like an A.
  • The OTA Triangle could be a reference to the Trigonometry term, SOHCAHTOA, as it uses the same triangular layout as the Tangent section.