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Pedro (ペドロ Pedoro) is a minor character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: 2000. He is a member of The Renegades.

Personality & Characteristics

Pedro is confident in his abilities, both as a Blader and a fighter. Pedro is a defensive specialist and is skilled in drawn out BeyBattles.


In the American Tournament, he fights against Max Tate of the Bladebreakers. Although it looked good for Pedro, he loses the fight.


  • Special Move(s): Matador Attack

Pedro uses a yellow Beyblade. It has a powerful Attack Ring with two sharp razors installed in it that are sharp enough to create large holes in opposing Beyblades. He waits until his opponent becomes impatient and attacks but before the opposing Beyblade can cause damage, he quickly pulls back his Beyblade. Reminiscent of a Matador taunting the Bull, he repeats this until his opponent runs out of steam or when he finds the right time to deliver the finishing blow.


Pedro uses a custom Launcher shaped like a sword. The centre of the sword blade has been hollowed out and replaced with the ripcord and the launcher.