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bb01.jpg|Pegasis 105F
bb01.jpg|Pegasis 105F
PegasusPrototype.jpg|Pegasis Prototype
PegasusPrototype.jpg|Pegasis Prototype
1ww.jpg|Pegasis 105F in the Korean commercial for Metal Fight Beyblade
Pegasis105F_Manga.jpg|Pegasis 105F in the manga
Pegasis105F_Manga.jpg|Pegasis 105F in the manga
Training_MANGA.PNG|Pegasis 105F with a "TRAINING" Face Bolt in the manga
Training_MANGA.PNG|Pegasis 105F with a "TRAINING" Face Bolt in the manga

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Pegasus 105F
Number: BB-01
Owner: Ginga Hagane
Face Bolt Pegasis
Wheel Pegasis
Spin Track 105
Performance tip F
First Appearance (Anime) None
First Appearance (Manga) Chapter 1
Type Attack
Beyblade Listing - Category

Pegasis 105F is an Attack-Type Beyblade that appears in the manga, "Metal Fight Beyblade". It was one of the first four Metal Fight Beyblades released, and it is part of the Horoscope Series along with Leone 145D, Bull 125SF, and Sagittario 145S. It is owned by Ginga Hagane and its Legend Version is Cyber Pegasus 105F. Its evolution is Storm Pegasis 105RF and is also the first beyblade in the Pegasis Timeline.

Face Bolt: Pegasis

Facebolt PEGASUS BB01 29112

The Face Bolt depicts Pegasus, one of the 88 constellations in space. In Greek mythology Pegasus, was a white, winged, divine horse that was turned into a constellation by the Greek god, Zeus. The design features Pegasus' face with what appears to be an "P" and "S" next to it. They are orange in color whilst on a blue Face Bolt.

Wheel: Pegasis

  • Weight: 36 grams

Pegasis consists of a three-winged design, much like it's HWS remake, Cyber. These three wings, appear to resemble the wings of a Pegasus and have a gap in between each wing. The wings are a silver in color. The wings are connected by these flat turquoise protrusions that slightly curve. At it's release, Pegasis was a very strong Wheel, with great Smash Attack and Force Smash power and being used in many Attack-Type customizations. It was however soon outclassed by Wheels like Beat, Hades, and Variares. Despite this, Pegasis still has a place in the current metagame, and is a decent Wheel nevertheless.

It should be noted however, that it's original design appeared extremely offensive but, it was later changed possibly due to concerns over breakage.

Attack: 5 - Defense: 1 - Stamina: 1

Wheel pagasis img

Spin Track: 105

  • Weight: 1 gram

105 is an average Spin Track and is currently, the fourth lowest Spin Track and outclassed in terms of Attack and Stamina by 100, 90, and 85. Although having no problems with floor scrapes, it is heavily outclassed by Tracks like 85, TH170, and BD145. It is blue in color.

Track 105 img (1)

Performance Tip: Flat (F)

  • Weight: 1 gram

Flat, as it's name suggests, is a flat plastic Performance Tip and the Pre-HWS equivalent of Flat Core (HMS) and SG Flat. (Plastic) The flat tip, gives it an offensive movement pattern but has a hard time retaining a flower pattern, due to being made of plastic, whereas Tips made of rubber like Rubber Flat have more grip to the Stadium floor. It is the most basic of the attack tips. It has no use in Attack-Type customizations due to being outclassed by Performance Tips like Rubber Flat, Right Rubber Flat, and Xtreme Flat. It is a dark blue in colour.

Attack: 5 - Defense: 1 - Stamina: 1

Bottom f img Bottom f img2


  • In the anime, Gingka used to own a wooden variant of Pegasis 105F's Wheel when he was a child, according to Hokuto.
  • Despite official images, the Pegasis Wheel protrusions are a turquoise rather than a blue in colour.
  • This is the first beyblade with the 105F combo, the second beyblade to have 105F combo is L-Drago 105F.
  • It is the first Metal Fight Beyblade.
  • Its wheel has many scars of a battle, it is unknown where the beyblade obtain the scratches.
  • The scratches maybe have obtained from the battle between L Drago in the past, or from the battle between Ryusei and Ryuga.
  • The Pegasus wheel used to be one of the top tier attack wheels until Vulcan and Gravity had released.

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