Pegasus Battle Set is a Beyblade set released by Hasbro. It focuses on the Pegasus family and was released in September 2011. The Pegasus battle set was a Target exclusive but only in certain countries. In America it was released in Target, Australia in K-mart, Canada in Zellers and United Kingdom in Tesco.



The "Pegasus Battle Set" was received with mixed views. Fans said that they liked to see Pegasus through the ages, including a re-release of a Legend Bey with a different Performance Tip. Others however criticized the pack for not featuring printed face bolts on all the Beys, along with the string launcher being "grindy" at first.


  • On the back of the box its shows a picture of a translutent 105 track for Cyber Pegasus 105F, but it was a picture error.
  • The Storm Pegasus 105RF and Cyber Pegasus 105F that come with the set still do not have printed facebolts like Galaxy Pegasus.
  • This set would be complete if it included Big Bang Pegasis F:D.
  • The "Pegasus Battle Set" is no longer sold in stores.
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