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The Performance Tip[Notes 1] is a component of Beyblade Burst tops. This part is a key component for every Beyblade top in the Beyblade Burst™ Performance Top System™ which serves as the base for the Beyblade Burst™ top and determines their movement pattern and behavior while in the Beystadium, as well as their height.

About Beyblade Burst Performance Tips

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The BEYBLADE BURST™ Performance Tip™ is the base component of a Beyblade Burst top™ featuring a base with a cylindrical head upon which the other components are assembled and a specialized tip which interacts with the surface of the Beystadium and determines the movement pattern of the Beyblade Burst top.

The typical Performance Tip™ measures 3mm in height and come in a variety of different designs and performance types. Each Beyblade Burst Performance Tip™ features stylized initials located on the top of the part used to identified the name of the Performance Tip™.

Similar to the Blade Bases, Running Cores, Performance Tips and Spin Track/Performance Tips of previous generations, Beyblade Burst Performance Tips serve the primary function of determining a Beyblade's movement patterns in combat. The Beyblade Burst™ Performance Tip™ is also contains the central mechanism from the Burst feature.

Since the introduction of the Cho-Z Layer Series, Takara Tomy began producing Performance Tips of varying heights, ranging from short to tall.

Dash Drivers

Dash Drivers[1] are a variety of Performance Tip exclusive to the Takara Tomy Burst™ product line. These Performance Tips feature an enhanced Burst Lock mechanism designed to decrease the frequency of "Burst" activation using a reinforced spring coil . This spring coil possesses a higher tensile strength than regular spring coils found in other types of Beyblade Burst™ Performance Tip™, creating more tension between the Driver's spring pad and the Layer's lock. Many Dash Drivers are reproductions of preexisting Beyblade Burst™ Performance Tip™, but all share the common distinction of the red-colored spring pad included with the coil spring. This is with the exception of Bearing', which uses a yellow pad instead, as it is weaker than a regular Dash Driver.

High Drivers

High Drivers are a variety of Performance Tip The Performance Tip is taller with a black plastic piece in the center that makes the driver tallers.

High Dash Drivers

High Dash Drivers are a variety of Performance Tip that combines the High Drivers with the Dash Driver.

Metal Drivers

Metal Performace Tips are variety of Performance Tip exclusive to Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst™ product line. These Performance Tips feature a metal spring pad, increasing the weight. This metal spring pad can damage the teeth. But their are a few that were designed for the Metal Drivers.

Electronic Performance Tips

Electronic Performance Tip™ are equipped with a light-up feature that activates during battle. Hasbro released the first official line of electronic Performance Tips products with their Beyblade Burst Rip Fire tops. This Beyblade product included Rip Fire Performance Tips™ that were compatible with Rip Fire Forge Discs. Under the same brand, Hasbro also released "Bluetooth wireless technology enabled Performance Tips" with similar light-up effects as their Rip Fire Performance Tips™, but also Bluetooth wireless technology which enables Bladers the ability to control their tops remotely with smart devices.[2]

In late October 2019, Takara Tomy would release their own line of electronic Performance Tips for their Beyblade Burst™ product line starting with the Hybrid Driver included in the B-153 Gatinko Customize Set. Like Hasbro's Rip Fire Performance Tip™, this Performance Tip is equipped with similar light-up features, but is also equipped with an electric motor that is powered according to Launch Power and accelerates in the direction of rotation.

Slingshock Performance Tips

Slingshock Performance Tips™ have rail-riding capabilities and convert from Battle Ring Mode to Slingshock Mode. Bladers can keep the Performance Tips in Battle Ring Mode to defend their position in the Beystadium, or convert them to Slingshock Mode to ride the rails and charge into battle.

Hasbro also released Slingshock™ Rip Fire Performance Tips™ which contain the same features of the original Rip Fire Performance Tips™ with the added mode-changing capabilities of the Slingshock Performance Tips™.

Hypersphere Performance Tips

Hypersphere Performance Tips are a variety of Performance Tip exclusive to Hasbro's Beyblade Burst™ Hypersphere™ product line. These Performance Tips were designed to enable Hypersphere™ tops to climb the vertical wall of the Beyblade Burst™ Hypersphere™ Beystadium, speed along the brink, and drop in on enemy Beys for exciting, high-intensity battles. Most have a hemispherical shape, but those based on actual Takara Tomy Drivers tend to keep the design of their basis (e.g. Keep-H's tip replicates its rubber ball shape).

Speedstorm Performance Tips

Speedstorm Performance Tips are a variety of Performance Tip exclusive to Hasbro's Beyblade Burst™ Speedstorm™ product line. These Performance Tips are designed to be taller to interact with the SpeedStorm Beystadiums introduced in this system. SpeedStorm Beystadiums have "Power Vortex" zones that pull in SpeedStorm Performance Tips, which gain a "speed boost" for faster movement. Variations known as SpeedStorm Metal Performance Tips also include metal, increasing the weight.


  1. Known as Driver (Japanese: ドライバー; Hepburn: Doraibā) in Japan.
  1. Often stylized as ['] behind the Driver's Initials
  2. Beyblade Burst Evolution Digital Control Kit
Name in other languages
  • French: Pointe de Performance
  • Italian: Punta di Rotazione ad Alte Prestazioni (High Performance Rotation Tip)
  • Spanish: Punta de Rendimento
  • Portuguese: Ponta de Desempenho
  • Korean: 드라이버 (Driver)
  • Russian: Вращающийся Hаконечник
  • German: Leistungs Tipp
  • België: Draaipunt (Pivot Point)