Determines movement patterns - whether the top tends to spin defensively in one place or roam aggressively, spiralling into repeated attacks.

—Beyblade Metal Masters Rule Book

Within the Beyblade Performance Top System, the Performance Tip is the component of the Beyblade that determines movement patterns.


Performance Tips, like other components in the Performance Tops System, are interchangeable and come a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the type of Tip equipped, the Beyblade top will behave drastically differently while in action in the Beystadium.

Similar to how Customize Engine Weights functioned with first generation Beyblade Engine Gear Systems, Performance Tips provided players (Bladers) with the option of customizing the movement style of the Beyblade tops without having to change the base of the top (ie. Blade Base) entirely; and generally did not effect the overall height of the Beyblade top.


Name in other languages

  • Japanese: ボトム (Bottom)


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