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Full Width: mm Tip Width: mm Full Height: mm Tip Height: mm Tip Angle: 30°

BWD, as its name suggests, is simply a considerably bigger version of WD. While the latter has a clear width separation with its base that locks onto the Track, BWD takes up all this space, and extends lower too.

BWD is very similar to WD in shape, however, there are many key differences. It is larger and wider, as the tip section now is as wide as the area where it connects to the track. The larger change, however, is that it is sharper. This is mostly a negative effect, as BWD topples over easier than WD, and as a result, has less stamina than WD. It wobbles too much on shorter combos to actually provide any LAD, and it topples much more than WD or D on taller combos. It is almost entirely a worse WD, except in the Zero-G stadium, where sharper tips have an advantage.


BWD, while seeming to be an upgrade over WD, is almost worse in every way, from worse LAD to worse stamina retention. Therefore, BWD is recommended for collection purposes only.


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