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This article is about Dimension-S. For its normal counterpart, see Performance Tip - Dimension.

Dimension-S is a Performance Tip released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the SlingShock System. It debuted in western countries with the release of the SlingShock Starter Pack Turbo Achilles A4 00 Dimension-S.


Dimension-S is Hasbro's SlingShock counterpart to Takara Tomy's Dimension and Dimension' Performance Tips, and is similar in appearance to both. Like Dimension and Dimension', Dimension-S features the same stepped spiral design around its perimeter, with the word "Balance" engraved twice into its underside, alluding to the part's designated Type, and a notched ring around the casing of its tip that can be rotated to make use of its manual height changing gimmick.

Comparison to Dimension and Dimension'

Dimension-S' mode changing function works almost identically to that of Dimension and Dimension': rotating the ring all the way counterclockwise will cause the casing to retract and expose the small, sharp tip, putting the part in Low Balance Mode. When used in this mode, a Beyblade with Dimension-S will remain stationary in the center of the Stadium. However, if struck, the bottom of the casing or notched ring may come into contact with the Stadium floor and cause a more aggressive movement pattern.

Conversely, rotating the ring clockwise will extend the flat surface of the casing past the tip, changing the contact point with the Stadium floor from a spike to a wide, hollow flat tip and putting the part into Attack Mode. This Attack Mode can include any number of heights up to the part's maximum height, provided the sharp tip does not make contact with the Stadium floor. In Attack Mode, Dimension-S has a highly fast and aggressive movement pattern, as the flat tip is even wider than that of Xtreme and αssault. This makes it difficult for Dimension-S to maintain a flower pattern if a Sliding Shoot is used, and easier to Self-KO if Tornado Stalled with too powerful of a launch.

Unlike Dimension and Dimension', which feature a rubber spike, Dimension-S has a spike made of plastic. As a result, Dimension-S wears at a slower rate than its Takara Tomy counterparts, and provides higher Stamina and Burst Resistance in exchange for reducing its KO Defense when the spike is contacting the Stadium Floor.

Additionally, like other SlingShock Performance Tips, Dimension-S has a "Battle Ring Mode", comprised of both the Low Balance and Attack Modes, and a "SlingShock Mode" that can be activated by rotating the notched ring all the way clockwise. In terms of movement patterns, Dimension-S' SlingShock Mode is identical to that of its Attack Mode, but in terms of height, it is among the tallest Performance Tips at 31 millimeters, comparable to Hybrid's 32 and Bullet's 33 and noticeably taller than the 26.5 millimeter maximum height of Dimension and Dimension'.


Dimension-S is most useful in Low Balance Mode, where the notched ring has been rotated counterclockwise as far as possible, so that the two tabs on its perimeter are slightly past the rivets holding the Performance Tip together. When used in this mode in conjunction with a Forge Disc or Disc Frame that can increase its Precession to the point where the Beyblade can remain upright even after it has stopped spinning, such as 00 Wall or Vanguard, Dimension-S can exhibit a level of opposite spin Stamina performance on par with that of Bearing and Xtend+. However, its same spin Stamina is considerably worse than the two, and this issue is only exacerbated by Dimension-S' tendency to become aggressive when hard launched in Low Balance Mode, which can cause the combo to Self-KO, or cause its Forge Disc or Disc Frame to scrape more frequently than it would on a similar Bearing combo. This significant weakness means that Dimension-S is effectively outclassed by both Bearing and Xtend+.

Additionally, because Dimension-S may only be used with Hasbro's comparatively light Energy Layers, its performance in both same and opposite spin suffers when pitted against Takara Tomy's heavier Energy Layers. Despite this, it can still be a formidable Performance Tip in the proper situation, and works best in a customization like Balkesh B3/Turbo Spryzen S4/Kerbeus K4 00/10/0/7 Wall Dimension-S. For best performance, a Dimension-S combo should be used in the opposite spin direction of its opponent.

In the WBO's Burst Limited Format, where the aforementioned Energy Layers are banned, Fafnir F3 and Inferno Luinor L5 can be substituted instead to build a customization that plays nearly identically to the Balkesh B3 and Turbo Spryzen S4 variants.

In SlingShock Mode, Dimension-S can be used in a Tornado Stalling combo, and with the proper Forge Disc, can serve as a Burst Attacker against opponents of a standard height or shorter by using its height and the Forge Disc's contact points to attack the opponent's Energy Layer. However, such usage is mediocre at best, being outclassed in the former by the likes of Iron, αssault', and Zephyr' and in the latter by Bullet.


While Dimension-S offers high Stamina performance in opposite spin, it leaves much to be desired in same spin when compared to Bearing and Xtend+. In addition, its overall effectiveness is hindered by its selection of Energy Layers. However, Dimension-S is a welcome addition if the Blader plans to compete in the Burst Limited Format, where many of the parts that marginalize it are restricted.

As such, Dimension-S is not a must have but is instead a welcome addition to a blader's collection.