Jolt (ジョルト, Joruto) is a Performance Tip released as part of the Burst System as well as the Super Z Layer System. It debuted with the release of the B-110 Starter Bloody Longinus 13 Jolt on April 28th, 2018.


Jolt features a rubber flat tip with six spikes protruding outwards and towards the right, akin to Left Rubber Flat from Metal Fight Beyblade or a mix between Spiral and Xtreme.

Due to the surface area to friction ratio, Jolt will create a highly aggressive, and if launched with a Banking Shoot, somewhat easily controllable movement pattern. In terms of speed, the greater surface area given by the spikes makes Jolt faster than Xtreme and as fast as Merge. Jolt’s high speed allows for strong attacks and its high friction creates less chances of losing a Banking Pattern in battle, making it one of the better choices for Attack Combinations.

However, Jolt has three major weaknesses. Firstly, the high friction of the rubber means that Jolt has incredibly low Stamina, furthermore, the light weight of the Burst System compared to previous Systems means that there is less inertia, exacerbating the Stamina issue further. Secondly, the high friction also means that Jolt resists changes to the Beyblade's spin from contact with the opponent, thus more force is transferred the teeth in Takara Tomy Layers or the slopes in Hasbro Layers, increasing the chances of Self-Bursts. Lastly, Jolt will wear down with use. While this can create an initial benefit in speed from the tip fitting into the curvature of the Stadium, heavy use will decrease its aggression with little to no improvement to the tip's Stamina, meaning that multiple copies much be purchased in order to replace worn ones.

Jolt is slightly shorter than most Tips, this reduction in height is meant to improve Attack potential by striking the opponent’s Layer from an upwards angle, creating Destabilization potential. However, the design of the Burst System means that a shorter height would increase the rate of Layer-to-Disc contact and Burst the Jolt Combination, though the height of most Layers and the negligible difference in height makes such contact rare and mitigates the Destabilization potential.

The direction of Jolt’s rubber spikes are meant to, in theory, create greater speeds in Left-Spin Combinations. In practice however, there is little discernible difference in movement speed between Left-Spin and Right-Spin.


Jolt is one of the fastest, most aggressive and easier to control tips in the game but is plagued by low Stamina and increasing the risk of Burst. Other Performance Tips are able to compare to or match Jolt's best traits while also improving on its weakness; such as Accel having greater Stamina while also being easy to control and Hold having comparable or greater speed while having greater versatility with Spin Equalization Combinations.

Nonetheless, with greater control over other high speed tips such as a worn Variable or Hold, competitive bladers must own several copies of Jolt.


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