This article is about Operate-S. For its normal counterpart, see Performance Tip - Operate.

Operate-S is a Performance Tip released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the SlingShock System. It debuted in western countries with the release of the SlingShock Starter Pack Salamander S4 12 Operate-S.


Operate-S, as its name implies, is a SlingShock Performance Tip based off of Takara Tomy's Operate. However, unlike the original Operate, Operate-S does not feature the two tabs on its cylinder base that is meant to be pushed downward in order to switch to Attack Mode. Aside from this, Operate-S keeps the same "Mode Change" gimmick from its Takara Tomy counterpart; which is through the use of an adjustable ball tip. As a part of the SlingShock System, and unlike all other SlingShock Performance Tips, Operate-S can be manually altered to switch between four modes: "Battle Ring Defense Mode", "SlingShock Defense Mode", "Battle Ring Attack Mode" and "SlingShock Attack Mode"; in this case, by adjusting the ball tip, pulling the cylinder base clockwise, pulling it downwards, and twisting the base clockwise again, and vice-versa.








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