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Rubber Defense Flat (RDF) is a Performance Tip that was released as part of the 4D System. It debuted with the release of BB-119 Death Quetzalcoatl on October 23rd, 2011.


Weight: 1.1 grams Full Width: 15.89 mm Tip Width: 14.81 mm Full Height: 10.20 mm Tip Height: 8.49 mm Tip Angle: 80° Tip Angle with encasing: 30°

RDF is an odd combination of shapes to hypothetically form a tip with both Defense and Attack abilities. This Bottom consists of a very wide plastic encasing which holds a rubber tip with a large, flat surface and a small protuberance in the middle which ends in another flat point. The rubber, which constitutes the actual tip, comes very flush with the plastic structure that contains it. In actual performance, it is similar to CS in the sense that it can have an aggressive pattern and a Defensive pattern.

The release of RDF essentially made RS irrelevant, since it is just as effective, if not more, but also because of certain key differences. First, its superior height and better balance allows RDF to be used with the best defensive Track available at the time, BD145, without being hindered by floor scraping. Secondly, RDF has much more Stamina than RS, which was always an obstacle to the latter.

When shot in a standard manner, it is stationary, much like the S tip. When weak launched, it is similar to a worn RS' movement patterns which is usually a light circling around the center of the stadium. When banked, the outer plastic part of RDF comes into contact with the stadium causing instability and erratic behavior, much like an aggressive CS, but with more grip as it has a much larger surface area of flat rubber and plastic. When contact is made with the opposing Beyblade, RDF may tilt and fall onto its outer ring and begin an aggressive movement again, before regaining balance relatively quickly. Stamina-wise, it is a tad inferior to CS and should therefore not be used for Stamina purposes.

Wearing does occur with RDF, like any other rubber-based tip, and it is recommended you buy a mint one for optimum Defensive performance.

Use in Defense/Balance Customization

RDF can be utilized in the Defense/Balance customization MSF-H Wyvang Dragooon BD145RDF. RDF's grip, together with the heavy weight of BD145 negates Wyvang's recoil, and provides Dragooon the balance and precession it needs to outspin opponents in the opposite direction. The result is an incredibly powerful Defense customization which can easily weather down the fiercest of attack types.


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