Claw (クロー, Kurō) is a Performance Tip released as part of the Burst System. It debuted with the release of the B-15 Random Booster Vol. 1 Trident Heavy Claw on September 19th, 2015. It later debuted in western countries with the release of the Starter Pack Horusood H2 Upper Claw.


Claw features a low angled cone tip akin to Survive, albeit with a smaller diameter, with four free-moving "claws" along the sides of the Tip, akin to Metal Fight Beyblade's C145 Track. When spinning, the centrifugal force will force the claws up and outwards to in theory increase Outward Weight Distribution and in turn increase Stamina. In practice however, such an effect is negligible and does little to increase Stamina potential. Furthermore, when spin speed drops and the claws fall back down they scrape against the stadium floor and reduce procession time, making Claw outclassed by Survive for Stamina. However, the claws grant Claw decent KO resistance as they will scrape against the stadium floor if a Claw Combination is struck and resist KOs at the cost of Stamina, akin to the tabs of Defense. Furthermore, the small point of contact creates low friction with the stadium floor and increases Burst resistance.


Claw was once a decent Performance Tip for Defense Combinations but due to the release of Revolve, Orbit and Atomic, Claw has become heavily outclassed for both Stamina and Defense.

As such, Claw is recommended for collection purposes only.


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Takara Tomy




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