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Twin Ball or TB is a Performance Tip released by Takara Tomy. It debuted in Japan with the release of the BBG-23 Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 3 Bandid Genbull F230TB on October 20th, 2012 and in western countries with the release of the SS-23 Bandit Genbu F230TB Starter Pack.


TB is simply half of a sphere with a protruding ball at its tip identical in diameter to the tip of B. TB has found potential in Stamina customizations in both the BB-10 Attack Type BeyStadium and the Zero-G Attack Type Stadium. Its slightly aggressive movement pattern and increased amount of friction with the stadium floor as opposed to D-series Bottoms allow it to resist rotational Recoil more effectively than other conventional Stamina Bottoms. Due to its spherical shape, TB also has an unusual ability to wobble at extreme angles for an extended period of time when used on taller Tracks (specifically 230, where this attribute can be utilized to its fullest), similar to MB, although arguably even more effectively, as the period of time for which it can precess is typically longer than MB's precession time. TB is preferred over most Bottoms for Stamina against opponents using the same spin in Zero-G stadiums due to its impressive ability to resist Zero-G Attack types, something which other popular Zero-G stamina bottoms such as BWD/W²D cannot do.

TB BallBottomsComparison

Comparison between WB, TB and B

TB can be utilized very effectively when used with SR200, TH170, or 230, allowing it to wobble at a wide angle and take advantage of the optimal center of gravity such heights provide to that Bottom's balance which makes it wobble later, depending on the Wheel(s) used. It also performs notably well when used with the Genbull Chrome Wheel, using its weight and its movement pattern/resistance to rotational Recoil to reduce the opponent's spin velocity by repeatedly inflicting rotational damage.

However, unlike WD or EWD, TB is relatively vulnerable to opposite-spin customizations due to its rounded shape, and one should avoid using it in an opposite-spin match-up whenever possible, as Stamina setups like W145WD are a safer pick in such a scenario to remain upright.

Despite this fact, as shown by its impressive numbers against same-spin opponents, TB is definitely a competitive Stamina part in any stadium format, and is an essential part to any Blader majoring in Stamina.


Twin Ball is a perfect Stamina-Type in almost every way possible, with the exception of being weak against opposite-spin customizations, in which WD or EWD are a much more reliable choice. Still, Twin Ball has found great great use in Stamina combinations in both the BB-10 Attack Type BeyStadium and the Zero-G Attack Type Stadium, making it a top-tier Stamina-Performance Tip.

As such, Twin Ball is a must have for competitive bladers in all formats.


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