This article is about Volcanic-S. For its normal counterpart, see Performance Tip - Volcanic.

Volcanic-S is a Performance Tip released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the SlingShock System. It debuted in western countries with the release of the Rail Rush Battle Set.


Volcanic-S, as its name implies, is a SlingShock Performance Tip based off of Takara Tomy's Volcanic. Unlike the original Volcanic, Volcanic-S has a nub-like protrusion inside the Performance Tip's socket that is meant to lock the tip in place once "SlingShock Mode" is active. As a part of the SlingShock System, Volcanic-S can be manually altered to switch between "Battle Ring Mode" and "SlingShock Mode"; in this case, by twisting the tip clockwise, pulling it downwards, and twisting it clockwise again, and vice-versa. 

In "Battle Ring Mode", Volcanic-S' textured plate is set at a low height that's slightly shorter than the original Volcanic, but functions just about the same. Due to the plate's wide, flat surface area, Volcanic-S will create a highly aggressive movement pattern and speeds roughly the same as Volcanic. However, in order to facilitate the Performance Tip's SlingShock mechanism, the free-spinning plate of Volcanic-S does not spin as freely as Volcanic, and as a result, has reduced Stamina. Aside from this, Volcanic-S is overall identical to Volcanic in terms of speed, aggression, and design.

In "SlingShock Mode", the nub-like protrusion inside Volcanic-S' socket locks the free-spinning plate in place as it is extended from it. This mode is meant to make the Volcanic-S Combination fast enough to ride the Rail System of the SlingShock Beystadium/Rail Rush Beystadium and clash head-on with the opponent without their Forge Disc scraping against it. While Volcanic-S' "SlingShock Mode" makes it more aggressive than when it's in "Battle Ring Mode", "SlingShock Mode" has one major flaw; this being its significant increase in height. While this does increase the chances of Disc-to-Layer contact occurring, this is inconsistent unless the opponent is shorter than the Volcanic-S Combination. As a result, this mode instead creates a hazardous risk of the Volcanic-S Combination being Destabilized in battle, which severely hampers its Attack potential, as traditional Attack Combinations benefit from being at a short height or being shorter than the opponent. Overall, "Battle Ring Mode" has greater success.


While Volcanic-S is similar to Volcanic, it features the same problems that the original one had, and its "SlingShock Mode" only adds more issues to boot. Furthermore, both of them, are outclassed by Destroy/Destroy'/Destroy-S.

As such, unless one prefers to use Volcanic-S, it is recommended for collection purposes only.







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