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This article is about Xtend. For its Plus counterpart, see Performance Tip - Xtend+. For its SlingShock counterpart, see Performance Tip - Xtend-S.

Xtend (エクステンド, Ekusutendo) is a Performance Tip released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Cho-Z Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-105 Starter, Z Achilles 11 Xtend, on March 17th, 2018.


A Balance Type Driver with a tip that can switch between two heights that activate either Attack or Stamina mode and can help take on the opponent.
— Official Description

Xtend is a Performance Tip with a manual height-change gimmick, and a wide flat base that has a small sharp tip protruding in its center, akin to a wider Fusion. Like Fusion, when launched straight down into the stadium, the protrusion in the center will keep the Beyblade stable and still in the center, preventing Stamina loss. When Xtend is either knocked off balance by an opponent or launched at an angle, the flat base will make contact with the stadium, creating an aggressive movement pattern with speeds equal to Assault. However this aggressive movement is unreliable as the protrusion can slow the Combination down in the center of the stadium or stop the movement entirely and the greater surface area makes it difficult to maintain a banking pattern.

By pulling and twisting the tip, Xtend's height can be changed between two modes. When using Xtend's lower mode, it is the height of a standard Performance Tip, allowing the Layer of the Xtend Combination and the opponent to impact each other directly. When using Xtend's higher mode, in theory, its height would increase contact between the Xtend Combination's Disc and Frame and the opponent's Layer. Such contact would prevent the Xtend Combination from Bursting and instead cause the opponent to Burst. In practice however, the height of most Layers and the minimal change in height means that there will be contact between the Layers regardless. Furthermore, Xtend's height change is less than that of Tower, a Performance Tip that already has performance issues due to too little height change.

When combined with the Xtend+ Chip, Xtend is classified as a different Driver and as such, any differences in performance will be listed on the Xtend+ page.


Due to its center protrusion, Xtend is inconsistent in Attack and due to the flat base, Xtend is inconsistent in Stamina as well.

As such, Xtend is recommended for collection purposes only.


Takara Tomy


Takara Tomy


  • The Gunmetal Ver. Xtend Performance Tip was obtained through a Cho-Z Bey Get Campaign in Japan. By purchasing up to 2000円 in Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst products from certain stores in Japan and showing a Cho-Z Bey Get Campaign Ticket, you could obtain this Performance Tip recolor.