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This article is about Yard-S. For its normal counterpart, see Performance Tip - Yard.

Yard-S is a Performance Tip released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the SlingShock System. It debuted in western countries with the release of the SlingShock Starter Pack Forneus F4 0 Yard-S.


Yard-S features a free rotating ball tip, akin to its predecessors Orbit and Atomic, surrounded by a wide ring, akin to Defense. As a part of the SlingShock System, Yard-S features a mode change gimmick, allowing it to change between "Battle Ring Mode" and "SlingShock Mode".

In "Battle Ring Mode", the ball tip would increase a Beyblade's Knock-Out Defense by having greater surface area and friction, whilst the wide ring is meant to make contact with the stadium floor when the Beyblade is struck, forcing it back upright and acting as brakes to prevent Knock-Outs. However, in practice the free rotating nature of the ball reduces most of the Knock-Out Resistance given by the surface area of the ball. Furthermore, to facilitate the mode change gimmick, the housing of the ball is raised, making contact with the ring rare. Unlike other ball based Performance Tips, Yard-S does not feature tabs around the tip as their purpose have been taken by the wide base. If launched hard, the greater surface area creates a semi-aggressive movement pattern early in the battle, bringing the Beyblade close to the Tornado Ridge.

While these features may imply that a Yard-S Combination would be easy to Knock-Out, in reality the heavy weight of SwitchStrike Layers, Core Discs and Yard-S' own weight compensates for the rotating ball. Furthermore, the free rotating tip increases Burst Resistance and the taller housing reduces the scrape risk present in Takara Tomy's Yard.

In "SlingShock Mode", the housing is extended so the ball will retract when contact is made on the stadium floor, creating a wide flat tip. While this makes Yard-S highly aggressive, the wide diameter of the tip makes it impossible to hold a Banking Pattern and creates low Stamina. Furthermore, the substantial increase in height makes a Yard-S Combination very easily Destabilized.


The changes made to Hasbro's Yard-S in "Battle Ring Mode" mitigates the scrape problems found in Takara Tomy's Yard, making it an excellent Orbit substitute. However, Yard-S is outclassed by Atomic as it does not feature the same Life-After-Death potential.

As such, Yard-S is a welcome addition to any bladers collection.