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This article is about Yielding. For its QuadDrive counterpart, see Performance Tip - Yielding-Q.

Yielding (イールディング, Īrudingu) is a Performance Tip released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-49 Random Booster Vol. 3 Yaeger Yggdrasil.G.Y on July 16th, 2016.


Yielding has a tip made of a smooth POM material that reduces friction and helps it continue to spin endlessly.
— Official Description

Yielding features a cone shaped tip made of PolyOxyMethylene (POM) thermoplastic rather than traditional plastic. Yielding's gimmick is that the POM plastic has less friction against the stadium floor than traditional plastic, increasing a Combination's Stamina. Embossed into the top of the Performance Tip is a stylized 'Y' for easy identification.

Due to the lowered friction, Yielding yields high amounts of Stamina and procession time, however this low friction also brings lowered Knock-Out Resistance and Stability. The Stability issue is further exacerbated by the angle of the cone; unlike Metal Fight Beyblade's Defense Tip, the angle of Yielding is more acute, akin to Big Wide Defense, causing an increase in the risk of floor scrapes. It is possible to improve the Stability somewhat by wearing down the tip, however the low friction means that this takes time.

The advantage Yielding has over other Performance Tips such as Revolve and Defense is greater Burst Resistance as the low friction means that there is less force to be taken by the teeth of a Layer.


Due to Yielding's high Stamina and Burst Resistance, it can be used to great effect in many Stamina and Balance Combinations. However, due to Revolve outclassing Yielding in Stamina and the Stability issues present in Yielding, this part is not a must have.

As such, Yielding is not a must have but is instead a welcome addition to a blader's collection.


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Takara Tomy



  • The backside of the King Kerbeus K2 and Yugen Yegdrion Y2 Dual Pack shows a render of Yielding rather than the included Survive. It is labeled with Survive's TS01 Hasbro part code. The reason for the change is unknown; Yielding remains unreleased by Hasbro.
    • The POM tip appears to have been changed to regular plastic, and is fused with the main body of the Driver.
    • In January 2022, a QuadDrive Driver variant of Yielding, Yielding-Q, was released.