This article is about the original 4D System release. For the Hasbro Hybrid Wheel System release, see Phantom Orion 145ES.

Phantom Orion B:D is a Stamina Type Beyblade that appears in Beyblade: Metal Fury. It was released on September 17, 2011 in Japan. It is owned by Chris.

Face Bolt - Orion


The Face Bolt depicts "Orion", one of the 88 constellations. It is known as the winter constellation. In Greek mythology, Orion or "The Hunter" was a giant huntsman who died at the hands of the giant scorpion, Scorpio, and was placed as a constellation in space along with Scorpio by the God of Sky and Thunder, Zeus. The version on the face, however, depicts 'The Phantom' also known as Orion.

Energy Ring - Orion

  • Weight: 3.0 grams

Orion is burgundy in color, with designs of notches on its end. Orion has sharp spikes on its sides which are meant to repress the top half of Orion's face. Phantom Orion also comes with eye-like stickers for the Energy Ring, which when put together with the Phantom Fusion Wheel makes a grin or face.

Attack: 1 - Defense: 0 - Stamina: 6

Clearwheel4d orion.jpg

Fusion Wheel - Phantom

  • Total Weight: 42.74 grams

Metal Frame

  • Weight: 40.31 grams

Phantom's Metal Frame is a wide and circular Wheel with a large circular hole for the Core to fit into place. It is very thick and has a smooth rounded outer side with four blue spheres. These blue spheres represent the Orion constellation, and are put in a manner that resembles it. On the front, it showcases a devious grin with visible sharp teeth, and a nose that can be used with the Orion Energy Ring eye stickers, to create the grinning face. It can also be flipped over to switch from Stamina Mode to Attack Mode, but Stamina Mode is recommended. The beys metal frame also has potential in attack mode which ties up to Fang leones counter attack mode. So this bey is great for stamina and attack.


  • Weight: 2.48 grams

The Core is a translucent purple made of complete plastic, which makes this a PC Core of some sort. Due to this, it provides the least amount of weight from the center, allowing for maximum Stamina potential. Because the Metal Frame is a smooth metal outer side of the Wheel, it allows it to focus all of the weight on to the outer-side of the Wheel. This gives it the best Stamina it can achieve. In design, the Core resembles somewhat of a miniature version of Scythe and being round as a whole. Although initially, it was assumed that B:D was the cause of Phantom Orion's superb Stamina, after testing this was proven to be true but not completely. Phantom, along with B:D, was the cause of its amazing Stamina due to its Core, which focuses weight onto the outer-side of the Wheel. In addition, Phantom does carry resemblances to Burn.

In that, the Metal Frame mimics that of the two bumpy indents on Burn's sides and that the weight is focused to the outer-side of the Wheel. It is even heavier than Burn with the metal frame alone, but Phantom does a better job at its weight distribution on the outer-side, especially with the weight increase. In Stamina Mode, the blue spheres from the blue, plastic Core as well as the Orion "face" are visible. In Attack Mode, they are not and the Wheel is more detailed with a hexagonal-shape and a multitude of protrusions and small indents that stick out for Attack potential.


Phantom is generally chosen for use in Stamina Mode, because in Attack Mode it suffers from recoil due to the jagged spikes and linear indents. However, despite the recoil from the jagged spikes and indents, Attack Mode still has use in Attack, Stamina and Balance Customizations. Phantom is quite a good Fusion Wheel, being able to defeat Wheels such as Hades and Twisted with ease and out spinning Scythe. Phantom is gaining great results and is best used in the combos MF-H Phantom Orion TH170D, MF-H Phantom Orion AD145WD, MF-H Phantom Aquario TH170D, MF-H Phantom Bull AD145WD, Phantom Aquario TH170D, and Phantom Bull AD145WD. Like stated above, the metal wheel should be in Stamina Mode. This is the reason why it has extraordinary stamina. If Blitz and Variares are the most versatile Attack-Type wheels, and Diablo and Basalt are the most versatile Defense wheels, then Phantom and Scythe are the most versatile Stamina-Type wheels.


  • Phantom Kronos/Orion/Fireblaze F230EDS/EWD/AS/CS/GF (Stamina/Balance)
  • MF-H Phantom Orion/Gemios/Kronos/Herculeo F230/SR200/230EDS/D/PD (Stamina)
  • MF-F Phantom Kerbecs B:D(Stamina)
  • MF-F Phantom Cygnus/Sagittario II B:D(Stamina)

Attack: 2 - Defense: 0 - Stamina: 5

Metalwheel4d phantom.jpg

Performance Tip - Bearing Drive


Main article: Performance Tip - Bearing Drive

  • Weight: 3.45 grams

Bearing Drive (B:D) can be considered as the 4D version of Wolborg's MS' Bearing Core (B:C) from HMS, except wider and a translucent yellow in color. This Tip features ball bearings inside which help stabilize the Beyblade, helping especially with Stamina-Types. It is about the same height as 230 without a performance tip. The ball bearings inside the center of this 4D Performance Tip, allows some weight to be focused lower for the gravity to keep the Beys stable, and this also helps with its spin time. When the Bey tilts onto its side, when it's low on spin, the base makes contact with the Stadium floor, and completely stops, then the ball bearings reduce the friction of the main shaft and the tip of the 4D Performance Tip; this allows it to carry on rotating while it has very low spin. The tip is also free-spinning, contributing to B:D's amazing Stamina and is known to have extremely good balance.

All Stamina tips (even EWD and WD) move around the stadium when off balance, losing more and more Stamina. This does not apply to B:D because it doesn't even move when knocked off balance: it just continues to spin in a titled position in one place, waiting for the opponent to knock it back on balance, or regains balance over a short period of time. Overall, B:D has proven to be a very great Tip. It theoretically has more defense than WD due to the base being wider than WD. Although, some variants have been having trouble reaching the seven minute mark (usually four, five and even two minutes), this should not be taken as a worry as it can simply be fixed by being broken in (or by using WD-40/Silicon Lubricant). B:D has excellent use in Stamina-Type customizations and should be considered by all as the best Stamina Tip ever. However, you'll have to be careful with this tip because they break very easily. It has broken the Beyblade world spin record at 7:12 minutes, but however it broke its own record, and its new record is 7:35 minutes. This is the best Stamina Performance Tip since Phantom Orion can take a lot of critical hits without getting affected a lot. It has even better stamina when paired with the Phantom Wheel. It is similar to the AS performance tip from Sol Blaze V145AS.


  • MF Phantom Kerbecs/Aquario/Bull/Sagittario II B:D (Stamina)
  • MF Scythe Bull B:D (Stamina)
  • MF-F Duo Cancer/Leone/Tempo B:D (Stamina)
  • Bakushin Kerbecs/Aquario B:D (Stamina)
  • Scythe Virgo B:D (Stamina)

Attack: 0 - Defense: 1 - Stamina: 6


  • Barnard's Loop: Orion releases it's Legend Aura in the shape of itself and swallows the opponent whole in it's energy then condenses that into raw energy which self destructs on a very wide scale, the attack only harms the opponent as Orion suffers no damage.

Other versions

  • Phantom Orion B:D Skeleton Ver. - CoroCoro Lottery (Black Metal Wheel with red highlights, a translucent white Energy Ring and Facebolt, with a clear B:D)
  • Legend Beyblade Set - A gold recolor of Phantom Orion B:D.


Phantom Orion B:D is the undisputed best stamina type from the metal saga, as a result of the unmatched stamina capabilities of the Phantom wheel and B:D 4D Bottom, which while fantastic alone, are lethal in synergy, providing the beyblade solo spin times in the excess of 7 minutes. The B:D bottom also lends good defense, and the Phantom wheel in attack mode has use in attack combinations. As such, this beyblade is a must-have for all players, competitive or casual, and every blader should own at least one copy of it.


`CoroCoro preview

Concept art





Beyblade BB-118 Phantom Orion B D Commercial


Beyblade BB-118 Phantom Orion B D ベイブレード


Beyblade Phantom Orion B D vs Jade Jupiter S130RB ベイブレード


  • B:D is the 1st and the only 4D Bottom that doesn't have a Mode Change.
  • B:D is the third Bottom ever released to have a Bearing System in it, the first was Wolborg MS, second was Bearing Survivor MS.
  • Phantom Orion is the first Beyblade with a completely plastic core.
  • The early prototypes of Phantom Orion feature a different Face Bolt motif, which appeared to resemble a Roman Gladiator-like design similar to Gravity Destroyer.
  • The Phantom Wheel prototype appeared to have a four-winged Storm design without the gaps.
  • In the anime, the Phantom Wheel's change in appearance was due to a transformation when Chris awakened as a Legendary Blader rather than a mode change. There is a lot of controversy about this.
  • When Hasbro released this as Phantom Orion 145ES for the first time, it did not have mode change or B:D. The second time it had B:D and a mode change.
  • In the anime, B:D actually allows Phantom Orion to spin forever due to "zero friction". Even if it´s bottom would have zero friction there would still be some friction between the Bey and the air which means that even if it would have Zero Friction with the Stadium Floor it would still have friction with the air which makes it impossible to spin for ever. Even in a vacuum it would still loose it´s spin after a while.
  • In a vacuum, Phantom Orion B:D can spin for over an hour.
  • As Hasbro's version of Phantom Orion B:D, it has a green face bolt with red tampograph, green energy ring with red details, a yellow B:D, and no stickers.
  • In Turkish version of anime, Phantom Orion B:D does not have a beast.
  • In the manga, Chris says that his Bey was created by the Beyforce, a special unit of the United States Armed Force, with the goal of battle against Nemesis.
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