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The more I launched, the more I felt like I was one with Pegasus.
— Pheng Hope, Beyblade Burst Rise - Episode 10

Pheng Hope, known as Pot Hope (ポット・ホープ, Potto Hōpu) in Japan, is a character in the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Rise. He fights with his Beyblade, Harmony Pegasus 10Proof Low Sen, and is the second of the Risen 3.


Pheng Hope is a small boy with fair skin, lime eyes, mint-green hair that curves like wings, and blue tattoos on his face: two diamonds on the bridge of his nose and three horizontal dots on each cheek. His attire consists of a turquoise and grey robe with a dark-blue border on each arm sleeve, two blue scarves with a yellow stripe and fuzzy ends placed on each trapezius and held in place by a white belt with dark-yellow sections and a white circle in the buckle area, two red and green neck bands, teal shorts with a dark-blue border on each leg, and blue shoes with a white stripe on the vamp section, white heels and an orange stud on each tongue.


Pheng is very mischievous and loves pulling pranks on people, such as luring Dante and Arman into some traps, and using the fake hand trick on Delta. He is also stubborn, as he (initially) refused Dante's requests to battle.

It is also revealed that Pheng used to love battling and was very enthusiastic about it in the past. However, because he was so strong, winning eventually became boring for him. He rekindles his passion upon battling Dante and witnessing him unleashing Hyper-Flux.

Despite these seemingly negative traits, Pheng seems to be quite laid-back and friendly, even inviting Dante and the others to a feast at the Harmony's Castle although initially demanding it.

Pheng also has the ability to see his opponents’ ki (or chi) energy.



Beyblade Burst Rise

Burst Rise E9 - Pheng's Chi Viewing Ability.png

Pheng made his debut in the ninth episode of the season as the second member of the Risen 3 to be revealed and was said to have an ability where he could view one's chi. As the first blader to challenge on their training journey, the Victories pay Pheng a visit at the Castle in the Clouds, and also discover that Pheng was a prankster, as Dante and Arman fell into one of his pitfalls on their way to the castle. It was later revealed that he often likes to pull pranks because he could never find a worthy blading opponent, that was until Dante Koryu begged Pheng into battling him.

Burst Rise E10 - Pheng Shocked After Seeing Dante's Hyper-Flux.png

During Pheng and Dante's battle, Pheng discovered Dante's Hyper-Flux and noticed that Dante's bond with Dragon was completely different from his own bond with Pegasus. Inspired by Dante's Hyper-Flux, Pheng wanted to strive for his own Hyper-Flux, and so he entered the Battle Island Tournament, but was eliminated in the third round since he lost to the newest member of the Risen 3, Delta Zakuro.


Special Moves

  • Reverse Heal: When Pegasus takes damage and loses clicks, 2 yellow 'wings' are released with every click from the Harmony Layer Base. When an opponent strikes Pegasus once the wings are fully released, they will retract and restore the locking mechanism to its original position (with all of its teeth recovered). If an opponent does not attack when the wings are released, Pegasus will retract them on its own, either by attacking the opponent head-on, or hitting the stadium wall.
  • Feather Storm: Using its 4 "feathers" on both sides, Pegasus creates a turquoise-cyan whirlwind with bright yellow highlights and a similarly-colored field of air that repels opponents’ attacks.
  • Harmonic Thunder: When on the outer edge of the Beystadium, Pegasus pushes the free-spinning metal disc of the Low Performance Tip against the stadium floor to quickly change direction. Riding the slope of the stadium, Pegasus gains speed and hits its opponent full force.


Beyblade Burst Rise
Opponent Episode Result
Arman Kusaba 09 Win (1-0)
Dante Koryu 10-11 Draw (1-1)
Delta Zakuro 12 Lose (1-2)
Arman Kusaba 16 Unknown
Dante Koryu 16 Lose (0-2)

Official Description

Beyblade Burst Rise

Revered in his dojo for his mental powers, Pheng Hope is said to perform miracles in battle. There are even rumors that he can read the flow of his opponents’ chi. These abilities have quickly catapulted Pheng into the ranks of the Risen 3.

 Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst Rise


Dante Koryu

Pheng rekindles his passion upon battling Dante and witnessing him unleashing Hyper-Flux and decided to achive Hyper-Flux to make his bey stronger.

Arman Kusaba

Pheng and Arman are friendly rivals.


Pheng invite the others to a feast at the Harmony's Castle and become friends with them.


  • "No way! You actually fell for it! Man that's rich!" - After Dante and Arman fell in his trap in Beyblade Burst Rise - Episode 09.
  • "That's cool and all, but I don't battle weaklings."
  • "I can't play all day, I'm busy. Although, seeing as you came all the way out here, if you truly want to battle me, I think I can squeeze ya in. But on one condition, if I win, you gotta agree to do anything I tell you to." - to Dante and Arman.
  • "I guess you are worthy of challenging me after all, you've got a pretty good flow of chi." - to Arman.
  • "So this is all you got huh, and I had real high hopes for you." - After Pheng defeated Arman.
  • "Since you lost, you've gotta do anything I say, don't you!" - to Arman.
  • "I've gotta admit, I'm kind of jealous of that passion of yours, you're lucky. For some reason, everything comes to me naturally, especially training, I've got as far as I can and I don't see the point in doing it anymore." - to Dante in Beyblade Burst Rise - Episode 10.
  • "As long as I've got Pegasus, I'm good."



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  • Pheng's blood type is AB.[1]
  • Pheng is one of the four Beyblade Burst Rise characters whose initials are the same as his Bey: Harmony Pegasus, the others being Blindt DeVoy, Arthur Peregrine, and Gwyn Reynolds.
  • Pheng is the only member of the Risen 3 to not own a left-spinning Beyblade, nor owns a Bey that represents a "dragon" or "monster".
  • Pheng is the fifth Blader overall to own a Pegasus Bey. The first four were Kaoru Amou from Bakuten Shoot Beyblade - Gekitou! Saikyou Blader, Julia and Raul Fernandez from G-Revolution, and Gingka Hagane and Sora Akatsuki from the Metal Saga.
  • Pheng's Japanese name may be a play on "hope spot".
  • Pheng is the only member of the Risen 3 to not have a "Turbo" Special Move, though in Beyblade Burst Rise - Episode 11, he says his goal is to unlock Hyper-Flux.
  • Pheng is the only member of the Risen 3 to not be apart of another team.
  • Pheng is the only member of the Risen 3 who has nothing to do with Arthur Peregrine.
  • Pheng's zodiac is a Cancer.