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Pirate Kraken A230JSB or Pirates Killerken A230JSB (パイレーツキラーケンA230JSB, Pairētsu Kirāken A230JSB) is a Water Element Defense Type Beyblade that appears in the anime and manga series Beyblade: Shogun Steel. It was released in the BBG-13 Beyblade Synchrom Battle Set on June 23rd, 2012 in Japan, and later in western countries as a Starter Pack (SS-13) in July 2013.

Shogun Face Bolt - Kraken

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The Stone Face depicts the Kraken, a squid-like sea monster from Norse mythology. It features the Kraken's light blue face, with several tentacles all around it. The motif is featured on a ruby Stone Face.

Warrior Wheel - Kraken

Chromewheel killerken.jpg
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Unlike most of the other Chrome Wheels, Kraken possesses a design which is generally well balanced. Indeed, on one side of the Chrome Wheels, a series of curved lines in the shape of tentacles can be seen in the design, and after a short interruption created by a trapezoid protrusion, the same series of tentacles are reproduced, however, mirrored. At the other side of the trapezoid, the orb from the Crystal Wheel can be seen, surrounded by a design which resembles the beak of an octopus. The wider parts of the tentacles accumulate near the edges of Kraken, leaving only deeply engraved lines near its center.

Element Wheel - Pirate

Crystalwheel pirates.jpg
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The Pirate Crystal Wheel mirrors the Orochi Chrome Wheel in size almost perfectly. It depicts many different etchings related to actual Pirate. It features a skull, ocean waves, a tentacle of a sea creature and a mast of a ship. It is translucent dark or light blue in color.Attack:1 - Defense: 3 - Stamina: 3

Spin Track - Armor 230

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The Armor 230 (A230) Spin Track is an upgraded version of the standard 230 Spin Track, the highest available Spin Track height. Additional pyramidal shapes protrude from its on four sides, with steps around these shapes. Half of the shapes, opposite to each other, are slightly smaller than the others. These shapes are meant to increase Defense, and increases recoil when contact is made.

Performance Tip - Jog Spike Ball

Bottom jsb.jpg
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Jog Sharp Ball is an extremely different version of a performance tip. JSB is a SB performance tip with spikes all over the ball shape. It will have all the same effects as Jog Ball but it has a little bit more stamina because of the Sharp performance tip that is combined with it.



Takara Tomy




  • It is always flung into the sea every time it loses.