• Prior to its official name, it was referred to as "Pirate Kraken" and "Pirate Kiraken".
  • It is always flung into the sea every time it loses.


Pirate Kraken is based on the Kraken. The Kraken refers to giant and monstrous sea monsters of Norse mythology that are said to dwell in the seas of Nordic countries and terrorize and destroy ships. While the Kraken can refer to any legendary sea monster, through modern-day use, it has become known to describe a giant octopus. It's influenced in Kraken's design in its Stone Face and Chrome Wheel.

Name origin

Kraken is a portmanteau of the word s "killer" and "kraken" and with this, it is a play on words. This is due to in Japanese, Kraken is pronounced as "kuraaken" yet the first Katanaka symbol of it was changed to become "kiraaken". Pursuing this further, Takara Tomy changed "kira" to what it's defined as in their language, killer. Thus, Kraken literally means a "killer kraken".

Pirate refers to the infamous bandits that commit piracy. As of which, is the act of robbery or criminal violence at sea. It fits with Pirate Kraken because in Nordic myths, the Kraken were said to be found at sea.

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