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Template:4-Layer BeybladePisces DF145BS is a Stamina-Type Beyblade. Its evolution is Thermal Pisces T125ES and it was only released in Japan. Pisces has the same Performance Tip as Libra and Virgo. Pisces is a Pre-HWS Beyblade.

Face Bolt: Pisces

Facebolt PISCES BB57 24979.png

The Face on this Beyblade depicts "Pisces", a constellation of the Zodiac. Its name is the Latin plural for fish. The face itself actually depicts a shark, though a shark is technically a fish. The face is manufactured with the Pre-HWS design printed on, and a new, more colorful version can be added with one of the 2 Pisces Face Stickers in the Hybrid Wheel Reshuffle Set Stamina and Defense Type.

Wheel: Pisces

PISCES wheel.jpg

Pisces Main article: Wheel - Pisces

  • Weight: 35.4 grams

Pisces features two shark heads aligned in the clockwise direction, which gradually become thinner towards the tails. The shark motif is extended to the topside of the Wheel, where a row of shark teeth are positioned next to the entry points for the Launcher prongs. The heads of the sharks are pointed at the end, although the contact points are not exposed prominently enough to provide any significant Smash Attack. The rest of the Wheel is relatively round and smooth, affording it Stamina properties. Pisces is also a relatively heavy Metal System Wheel, and combined with its uninterrupted shape, can provide ample defensive properties. The Wheel has since been outclassed as both a Stamina and Defense Wheel however by a plethora of options such as Earth, which produces significantly less recoil, and Basalt, which is significantly heavier.

Spin Track: Defense 125 (D125)

Main article: Spin Track - D125
Defense 125 (D125) includes a ring that provides air resistance and a change in weight distribution when compared to 125. Despite its name, it provides no significant defense improvements and is outclassed by other Spin Tracks.

Performance Tip: Ball Sharp (BS)

  • Weight: 1.2 grams


BS Main article: Performace Tip - BS
Performace Tip - BS


  • Even though Pisces has a 4 layer top it does not have a Legend form like other 4 layered Beys, due to Thermal being shaped like Pisces

Other Versions

  • Pisces DF145BS - BB-83 Booster Version (Black Details)
  • Pisces D125BS - 4 Layer Special Edition Set (Hong Kong) (Blue Details, Original Version)



Pisces D125BS, at the time of release as the prize of Random Booster Vol.2 Legend Pisces was an extremely rare Beyblade, but easily obtainable re-releases have since decreased its value. The unique part of this Beyblade is now overshadowed in use by numerous other Wheels, while all its other parts are extremely outclassed. There is little to no reason to buy this Beyblade outside of collection purposes


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