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Pluto is one of the main antagonists of Beyblade: Metal Fury. He is a mysterious person who wants to resurrect Nemesis. He used to own Prototype Nemesis and now owns Firefuse Darkhelm AD145SWD. He fused into the evil Nemesis along with Rago.


Pluto wears a grey cloak that covers most of his body including his face just like the cloaks that the Beylin Fist members wear. All that can be made out from his face is his nose and his eyes, although they are covered by his hexagon shaped blue goggles. Beneath his cloak appears to be a dark robe adorned in several black belts. He takes off his cloak to reveal his true form in the opening theme: 'Brave Heart'. He is revealed to have pale skin, purple hair and magenta eyes. From To The Final Battleground and afterwards, Pluto wears an off-white suit adorned with a mahogany cravat. He has a light warm gray vest, a dark brown belt with two circular gold buckles, and a white dress shirt under his suit jacket. Pluto also wears dark brown dress shoes. He is significantly shorter than both Rago and Doji, being only slightly beneath Dynamis in height.


Not much is known about Pluto except that he tried to revive the great evil that is The Black Sun or 'Nemesis' by using the unknown power of the 'The Star Fragment'. He is also able to use a dark power force and use it in his advantage, which was shown when he attacked 'Dynamis'. He is a direct descendant of the first Nemesis owner, King Hades.

Given that Doji treats him as his superior, it is likely that Pluto was the person in the shadows of both the 'Dark Nebula' and 'Hades Inc.'


Beyblade: Metal Fury[]

Pluto is first seen giving directions to his acquaintance, Johannes to find an astronomer named 'Yuki Mizusawa'. After Johannes gets Aguma, Bao and they Beylin Fist bladers on his side, he tells them all about how a new dawn will come to this world. When Johannes gets back from Mist Mountain, he tells Pluto about Dynamis. This causes him to want to take Dynamis in as an ally.

In Orion's Whereabouts, Pluto meets up with Dynamis and after having a short talk with him, he zaps Dynamis with a dark power that seems to activate the jewel he wore on his chest and thereby brainwash him to serve Pluto's purposes.

Pluto then uses the power of Chris, Dynamis and Aguma, in the temple to awaken Nemesis by beating them in battle. Doji brings Rago and the Nemesis Bladers to him. Pluto recognizes Rago as the Child of Nemesis. He then tells the Nemesis Bladers to battle Gingka's gang after they arrive in the temple. When Gingka and the Legendary Bladers make it to Pluto, he launches his newly revealed Fusion Hades alongside the newly evolved Diablo Nemesis. Pluto is revealed to completely trust the prophecy of King Hades. Pluto then tells the Legendary Bladers that Nemesis is now evolved and thus, their roles are over. After Rago uses Armageddon, the ruins are completely destroyed.

Pluto subsequently found a way out of the crushed Mayan Ruins to board a luxury boat with Rago and Doji to find the "Lost Kingdom". An underwater island that could only be discovered with the power of Diablo Nemesis: Rago used Diablo Nemesis as a compass of some sort, where its aura of darkness lead them closer to their destination. Little did they know, the incredible power surging through Nemesis caused excruciating earthquakes to scour the globe. They eventually got to the point where Diablo Nemesis fulfilled its job and finally tracked the island. While Rago left Diablo Nemesis to do the rest of the work, the island was forcefully pulled out of the ocean by it and a dark and jagged island soon arose. Pluto, Rago, and Doji's masterplan to destroy the world was closer to them than before. When Ryuga arrives to fight Rago, Pluto tells him to except the challenge. L-Drago Destructor F:S battles Nemesis hard, but loses in the end, much to Pluto's amusement who notes that Rago did not use half of his power. Rago challenges the Legendary bladers, as well as Yu Tendo, Masamune Kadoya and Tsubasa Otori to battle. They all struggle to land a hit on Nemesis and it looks like the world may be doomed.

After Nemesis is seemingly sealed by the Legendary Bladers, Pluto is left in the breaking temple. He returns as a part of Nemesis, the god of destruction, who seems to have absorbed both him and Rago completely. While as Nemesis, he doesn't talk as much as Rago. After being defeated by Gingka, Nemesis falls into a pit, which presumably kills Pluto in the process.


Pluto’s head in Nemesis



Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Dynamis, Chris and Aguma 4D031 Win
Gingka Hagane, Kyoya Tategami, Ryuga, Chris, and Dynamis (Tag w/ Rago) 4D038 No Outcome (Nemesis evolved)
Legendary Bladers, Masamune Kadoya, Tsubasa Otori and Yu Tendo (Tag w/ Rago) 4D047-4D048 Draw (Group result, Pluto eliminated by Kenta)



  • Pluto is the equivalent of Hades in Roman mythology, which relates to his ancestor King Hades.
  • He resembles the character Mokuba Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! DSOD Duel Links . They both have similar clothing, height, and color palette.
  • Pluto also looks very similar to Ushio Azabu from ACTORS ~Songs Connection~. They also share the Japanese voice actor (Toshiyuki Toyonaga).