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Poison Cobra 7Wall Keep Gen is a Defense Type Beyblade released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the Pro Series System. It was released in western countries as a Pro Series Starter Pack for USD$20.99 in the United States.

GT Chip - Cobra

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Hasbro's Pro Series Cobra is virtually unchanged from Takara Tomy's Hydra. As such, one should refer to the Hydra page for information on performance.

Layer Weight - Gen

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A Weight built into a Layer. A rubber weight that hardens a lock due to the protrusion in the center.
— Official Description

Gen, unlike other Layer Weights, is a small rubber piece, with one side featuring a triangular protrusion that serves as a Burst Stopper. In theory, it is meant to make a combination using this Layer Weight nearly unburstable. However, there is one huge downside to Gen: The combination using it loses a substantial amount of weight. Since this weight is lost from the Layer, this makes the increase in Burst Resistance less notable, as heavy Forge Discs will still skip teeth more on lighter Layers. Furthermore, this loss of weight decreases Stamina, Attack, and Defense potential in any sort of combination. The only practical use of Gen is to make Dread semi-functional, as without Gen, Dread is even more burst prone.

Layer Base - Poison

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Hasbro's Pro Series Poison is virtually unchanged from Takara Tomy's Poison. As such, one should refer to the Poison page for information on performance.

Forge Disc - 7

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7, like other odd numbered Core Discs, is an asymmetrical, elliptical disc that can facilitate a Disc Frame. 7 is designed similar to Gravity or Heavy, with seven designs jutting out that resemble the number "7". At first glance, the Disc looks unbalanced, but in reality, two of the sections on one side being halves makes it balanced. 7 is one of the heaviest Discs thus far, outclassed only by 10 and 0, and has a ideal weight distribution for Stamina Combinations. Its high Outward Weight Distribution (OWD) grants it not only the highest Stamina potential out of all other Core Discs, but its weight grants it high Attack and Defense potential without the severe Burst Risk of 8. With the use of Disc Frames, 7 can be used to great effect in any Combination.

Disc Frame - Wall

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Wall is a round, thick Frame with eight, large, downward protrusions. This makes Wall one of the largest and heaviest Frames in the game, heavier than Bump or Lift. While this may imply high Attack potential when paired with Core Discs such as 0, 10 or 00, Wall's size makes it a severe scrape and Stamina risk, making it difficult to achieve banking patterns and making Stationary Attack Combinations scrape even at relatively high spin velocities.

However, Wall's size, shape and weight benefits Bearing-based Combinations as Wall lowers a Combination's center of gravity, allowing a Bearing-based Spin-Equalization Combination stay upright for longer, allowing for more rotations and Precession.

Performance Tip - Keep

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