Poison Scorpio M145Q is an Attack-Type Beyblade and a variation of Rock Scorpio T125JB. It only comes in the the Burning Firestrike 2-Pack with a recolored version of Burn Fireblaze 135MS.

Face Bolt: Scorpio

Facebolt SCORPIO BB65 21352

Scorpio is the eighth Zodiac Symbol in astrology. Its original name is Scorpius.

Energy Ring: Scorpio

Clearwheel escolpio
The Energy Ring is black in color and represents a scorpions stinger. It is the second lightest Energy Ring, only heavier than the Gemios Energy Ring by 0.01 grams.

Attack: 2 - Defense: 4 - Stamina: 1

Fusion Wheel: Poison

  • Weight: 29.6 grams
180px-Metalwheel poison
Poison is a Fusion Wheel similar to Dark, Mad and Heat with much better Smash Attack caused by the larger gap between the spikes. It has a number of fifteen blades in total but however, the Poison Wheel suffers more recoil than Dark, Mad, and Heat. This is one of the more useful pieces of this Beyblade.The Fusion Wheel Poison is very close to Dark only it has 15 blades instead of 12. This piece is not recommended for many battles because it suffers from large amounts of recoil making this a terrible Fusion Wheel for Defense and Stamina, but at least decent for Attack.

Spin Track: Move 145

This part has a gimmick, as suggested by the name. By moving the Performance Tip, you can change the frequency of bounces and the position of the Performance tip. This works well with the Quake Performance Tip. It is black in color.

Attack: 1 - Defence: 0 - Stamina: 2

Performance Tip: Quake

StormCapricorne Q

This is indeed one of the most valuable parts of the beyblade. The Tip is cut diagonally so that the bey can bounce. Due to this, it has a very poor spin capacity, and has very little Stamina, however, it has decent attack because it jumps in battle. It works well with Tracks other than M145 so that the jump will not just be in the same spot. It is light green in color.




  • This is the second bey to have the M145Q combination, the first being Storm Capricorn M145Q, and the third being Ray Cancer M145Q.
  • It is said that Poison Scorpio is a Balance type bey, but it is an Attack type, although, it's just a bunch of bad parts.
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