Prototype Nemesis is the Balance-type prototype version of its evolution, Diablo Nemesis X:D. It was released with the Ultimate Bey Ta Stadium.

It was first owned by King Hades in ancient times. In the events of Beyblade: Metal Fury, it was initially owned by Pluto, but it was given to Rago. Though said to be an Unknown-type, Proto Nemesis is classified as a Defense-type on the official website.

Fusion Wheel

Metalwheel4d pnemesis

A three-sided Fusion Wheel that appears to look very sturdy and thick, with a somewhat resemblance to the Gravity and Leone Wheels. It appears to have skull designs on it and silver in color.

4D Bottom

The 4D bottom on Prototype Nemesis is the 4th tallest bottom, 3rd being SR200, 2nd being TH170 (195 & 220) then 1st being 230 (and its versions). The 4D Bottom has a simple height change gimmick, with two different heights; 170 or 195. You twist the base section of the Bottom that resembles AD145 to change the height, and it has a tip resembling a wider-angled version of WD. It is a dark semi-translucent blue in color.

It is also very menacing when spinning in the center of its dedicated stadium when it gets hit, it doesn't budge just like in the anime. It also looks as though it has BD145 as its Spin Track. It is attached to the Fusion Wheel with triangle head screws.

Ultimate Bey Ta Stadium

The goal of the Ultimate Bey Ta Stadium is to make Prototype Nemesis win entirely. It will never stops spinning when it is placed in the center. The reason is because the stadium has a spinning center, along with powerful neodymium magnets (one in the spinning center and one in Nemesis' 4D Bottom). A switch is attached with a motor attached with the spinning center. Three AAA-size batteries power the motor to activate the spinning spot. The spinning center spins the Bey in either left or right, chosen by the user. When any opposing Bey hits Prototype Nemesis, it will get sent out of the spinning center, but then, due to magnetic force, it starts to come back again to the red spinning spot. When it will reach the spot, it will regain its lost stamina and will again spin with the spinning spot which is powered with the triple AAA battery charged motor. 



  • Proto is the Greek word for "earliest", which is quite fitting in that Prototype Nemesis is essentially, an early version of Diablo Nemesis.
  • Despite being a Bey used with an electronic stadium, Prototype Nemesis can be spun with a normal Launcher.
  • Prototype Nemesis can be modded to be interchangeable with other beys by unscrewing the 4D Bottom with a triangle head screwdriver, taking the tip off and customizing using just the Fusion Wheel.
  • Prototype Nemesis was shown to be considerably powerful, as it easily defeated Phantom Orion, Jade Jupiter, and Scythe Kronos.
  • It is said that it can not be held by a Legendary Blader: when Bao tried to hold it, Proto Nemesis blew him back against a wall, despite not being a Legend Blader himself.
  • Even though Legend Bladers supposedly can't even touch it, Rago can hold it and has total control of it, due to being a descendant of its original owner, King Hades.
  • Prototype Nemesis's unique 4D Bottom looks like it has both a BD145 and AD145 Spin Track with a WD Peformance Tip.
  • In a normal Stadium, it can only spin between 45 seconds to a minute.
  • Prototype Nemesis could be loaded with a right-spin launcher, but not with left-spin launchers.
  • Prototype Nemesis is the only Bey that can possibly spin forever, depending on the battery life of the spinning center.
  • Prototype Nemesis is the only Bey without a Face Bolt, due to the design of its 4D Bottom, particularly with a pole-like section occupying the hole where Face Bolts are normally screwed in.
  • Prototype Nemesis strongly resembles a Zero-G beyblade.
  • In the anime, Proto Nemesis was shown to be able to spin counterclockwise, but its evolved form, Diablo Nemesis, did not.
  • Hasbro released this Beyblade as Proto Nemesis AD145D.
  • Hasbro's Proto Nemesis was released with a facebolt, unlike the Takara-Tomy version.
  • It can only be taken apart and put back together with a screwdriver that has a triangle head.


EPIC Battle Prototype Nemesis 170RD VS Team Leone HD! AWESOME-0

EPIC Battle Prototype Nemesis 170RD VS Team Leone HD! AWESOME-0

EPIC Battle Prototype Nemesis 170RG VS Team Excalibur Complète (4 Beyblades) HD!

EPIC Battle Prototype Nemesis 170RG VS Team Excalibur Complète (4 Beyblades) HD!


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