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Prototype Nemesis

Proto Nemesis (known as Prototype Nemesis in the Ultimate Bey Ta Stadium) is the prototype version of Diablo Nemesis. It was released with the Ultimate Bey Ta Stadium on October 23, 2011 in Japan. It was owned by Pluto but is now owned by Rago.



Prototype Nemesis, as its name implies, it is a prototype of the currently unreleased Nemesis Beyblade. Although it cannot be disassembled, it features a Fusion Wheel that appears to look very sturdy and thick with a somewhat resemblence to the Gravity and Leone wheels. It appears to have skull like designs on it and will be silver in colour. It also does not appear to have a Face Bolt.

The 4D bottom on Proto Nemesis is the 3rd tallest bottom , 2nd being TH170 (195 & 220) then 1st being 230. The gimmick on the 4D bottom is just a Height change from 170 to 195. You twist the tip to change the height. It is transparent blue in colour.

Ultimate Bey Ta Stadium

The goal of the Ultimate Bey Ta Stadium is to deplete Prototype Nemesis' spin entirely. The Stadium has a spinning center, and Prototype Nemesis is placed on it. Once placed, the center will begin to spin and this Prototype Nemesis follows suit. When the Beyblade hits Prototype Nemesis, Prototype Nemesis will get sent out of the spinning center but then start to come back to it due to being attracted to it like a magnet. Prototype Nemesis will keep doing this until it stops spinning.


Orion, Jupiter, and Kronos attacking proto nemesis



  • Proto is Greek for "earliest" which is quite fitting in that Proto Nemesis is essentially, an earlier version of Diablo Nemesis.
  • Despite being a bey used with an electronic stadium, Proto Nemesis can be spun with a normal Launcher.
  • Proto Nemesis can be modded to be interchangeable with other beys by unscrewing the tip ,taking the tip off and customizing just using the metal wheel.
  • Proto Nemesis is shown to be very strong as it easily beat Phantom Orion, Jade Jupiter, and Scythe Kronos.
  • It is said that it can not be held by a legend blader. Although when Bao tried to hold it Proto Nemisis blew him back against a wall.
  • Proto Nemisis' performance tip resembles WD.
  • Lagow appears to have complete control of Proto Nemesis.
  • It doesn't work very well with the Ultimate Bey Ta Stadium because when you put Proto Nemesis on the spinning disk, it spins for a while then goes of balance and the metal wheel touches the stadium floor.
  • Proto Nemesis's looks like it has a BD145 Spin Track and a WD Peformance Tip.
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