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The Psykick Island appears for the first time in Beyblade-V Force in the 9th episode "La Isla Bey-Nita!!". It is completely surrounded by the sea, so the Bladebreakers had no chance to escape. In addition, Dr. B completely control the island. That is, if he wants the cave to collapse, it will be blown up. Or if he wants to block the way, a rockfall appears. So to speak, the island is connected to a main computer, which allows him to do and leave what he wants.

Team Psykick abducted the Bladebreakers on this island. There, Doctor B, Gideon's henchman, was ordered to steal the Bit Beasts from all four team members - using a bit-beast capturing system.

But Kenny discovered a lighthouse and from there he wanted to send help signals to the outside world, including Mr. Dickenson. But of this idea, Tyson did not hold anything. He said that the Psykicks had already eliminated the radio long ago. Since they did not know exactly how to leave the island, they first split up. Hilary, Kai and Kenny went to the lighthouse. Max, Ray and Tyson wanted to look for those guys.

On the way to their goal, unpleasant things got in the way again and again. So the Blade Breakers had to pay attention to rockfalls that blocked the way or cars that were no longer to control and from aleine, without drivers drove. Also Bey matches could not be avoided, so the Blade Breakers had to face again and again to a new fight.

In the end Kenny came through and Mr. Dickenson picked up the Blade Breakers with a helicopter. Since Tyson injured his foot on the island, he had to go to the hospital.


  • The island is said to be a parody of Alcatraz , located in the middle of San Francisco, California, USA. It was formerly used as a fort fortified site and then as a high security prison, but now serves only as a tourist attraction.

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