Quetzalcoatl Hammer X-208

Quetzalcoatl Hammer

Quetzalcoatl Hammer is a Stealth Battler released in Winter 2012. It is based off of Death Quetzalcoatl 125SF.


Quetzalcoatl Hammer resembles its counterpart, Death Quetzalcoatl 125SF but features a Yellow opaque variant of Quetzalcoatl with Neon Green highlights while its Face Bolt is a Spark FX Variant of Death Quetzalcoatl's. It's fusion wheel resembles Death, though this one is teal and brownish in color. Underneath, there seems to be blue protrusions sticking out. As Quetzalcoatl Hammer's main gimmick is the ability to have the top of it to smash the opponent below, as its fusion wheel will spring down, thus causing the opponent to get off-balance.

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