Rage Longinus Destroy' 3A (レイジロンギヌス・デストロイダッシュ・3A, Reiji Ronginusu Desutoroi Dasshu 3A) is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Superking Layer System. It was released as a Booster in Japan on June 27th, 2020 for 1397円. It is the evolution of Bloody Longinus 13 Jolt.

Superking Chip - Longinus

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Ring - Rage

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Chassis - 3A

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Performance Tip - Destroy'

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Destroy' features an eight-pointed star tip, akin to Jaggy, under a free-spinning plate that sits at a standard height.

Due to the tip's shape and diameter, Destroy' will create an aggressive movement pattern equivalent to Jaggy with the same moderately controllable movement pattern and speed.

What sets Destroy' apart from Jaggy is the free-spinning plate that is meant to stabilize a Beyblade if it is knocked off balance by creating a second point of contact with only minimal Stamina loss due to its free-spinning nature. Unlike other Tips with similar gimmicks such as Cycle and Guard, the low placement of Destroy''s plate ensures that lock up does not occur, meaning that Destroy''s gimmick works as intended.

While Destroy' has poor Stamina from the star shaped tip, the smooth perimeter and free-spinning nature of the plate also grants Destroy' high Life-After-Death which can allow Combinations to potentially Out-Spin their opponent if a Burst or Knock-Out has not been achieved.

Like other Performance Tips, Destroy' features a stronger spring lock, increasing the Tip's Burst Resistance.



Takara Tomy


Control Art

Concept Art



  • Like its predecessors Lost Longinus Nine Spiral, Nightmare Longinus Destroy, Bloody Longinus 13 Jolt, and Zwei Longinus Drake Spiral' Metsu, Rage Longinus' name is derived from "rage", an emotional display of violence or uncontrolled anger, and St. Longinus, the Roman soldier who pierced Jesus during his Crucifixion in Christian mythology.
  • Rage Longinus' avatar is an upgrade of Bloody Longinus' with major alterations:
    • The head is pure gold with a violet helm, four horns on the mandible (a small one in front of the large wing-like horn), and two upper horns that forms the left and right half side of a dragon's head with one red eye.
    • Pure white armor-based scales on the body.
    • Segmented big scales on the legs.
    • Thick purple spikes and four gold talons on each forearm.
    • The two dragon heads on the forearms are now placed on the shoulders and colored silver.
    • Purple segmented scales from the waist down to the tail.
    • Light-blue fire running down from the back of the head through the neck and down the tail.
    • Four wings: two large with a small indigo pair beneath.
    • The large wings now have five blades in place of the feathers: four white and one indigo on each.
    • An indigo spearhead-style tail stinger with a blue gem.
    • A gold and indigo colored spearhead-style plate on the torso with a small blue gem.
    • And a light-purple, gold-framed gem on the chest that represents the core of the Longinus Superking Chip.
  • Rage Longinus utilizes a cyan-white Destroy' Driver.


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