Raika (ライカ, Raika) is a character appearing in the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Surge.


Raika is a girl of average height, with turquoise eyes and orange hair in twintails and a red headband. Her attire consists of a shirt that is half-blue, half-cyan with a blue & yellow collar, a yellow belt fastened with a darker yellow clasp, a cyan skirt with hot pink stripes, light pink tights, and brown boots with frills on the top. She's often seen with a camera around her neck.


Much like Taka Kusaba before her, Raika enjoys taking pictures and is hardly ever seen without her camera. She also seems to have a strong admiration for Silas, as shown by her extreme excitement upon his introduction in the first episode.

Raika is also considerate and thoughtful. This is shown when she convinced Chuck and Gun to battle Hyuga so he could go back to his normal self.



Beyblade Burst Surge


Special Moves


Beyblade Burst Surge
Opponent Episode Result
Hyuga Asahi 04 Lose (0-2)

Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst Surge




  • Raika's name is most likely a reference to Leica (ライカ), a German company that manufactures cameras and camera lenses, considering her hobby for taking pictures. Additionally, her name in Japanese means "flash of lightning", which can also bring to mind a camera's flash.


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