The Rail Rush Battle Set is a Battle Set released as part of the Beyblade Burst Turbo series. It was released in western countries.


Rail Rush Beystadium

Unlike the SlingShock Beystadium, the Rail Rush Beystadium has a wide and oval-like shape in order to facilitate the Battle Ring, Launch Zone, Speed Cradles, and Dual Rail System. Like all other Battle Set Beystadiums that came after the Epic Rivals Battle Set, the Rail Rush Beystadium has an attachable upper wall, which is meant to prevent the parts of a Beyblade from flying out if it were to Burst and thus potentially hit the Blader. It also features two pockets near the Battle Ring for a Beyblade to be knocked into and thus result in a Ring-Out Finish.

Battle Ring

The Rail Rush Beystadium's Battle Ring is circular and wide in diameter, akin to that of the Shadow Snake Pit Beystadium, albeit its somewhat larger. Unlike the Battle Ring of the SlingShock Beystadium, the Battle Ring in this Beystadium doesn't have a hump in the middle, allowing Stamina and Defense Types to properly take refuge in the center. This also benefits Attack Types, as the open space makes it less likely that their Banking Patterns will be interrupted by their Performance Tips hitting against the Battle Ring's Tornado Ridge at the start. However, one must be mindful when using Beyblades that use Performance Tips such as Xtreme, Hunter-S and Jolt-S, as they can ride the Dual Rail System early in battle if hard-launched.

Launch Zone

The Rail Rush Beystadium's Launch Zone doesn't have much of a visual identification. Rather, it is the spot in the Battle Ring that's near the Dual Rail System. This acts as the "runway" needed for any Beyblade using a SlingShock Performance Tip to properly ride the Dual Rail System.

Speed Cradles

The Rail Rush Beystadium's Speed Cradles are small and circular in shape and are designed to catch any Beyblade that ends up going off the Dual Rail System due to uncontrollable speed. Unlike the Speed Cradles featured in the SlingShock Beystadium, the Rail Rush Beystadium's Speed Cradles are round in shape. This also allows Stamina and Defense Types to stall out any opponent that is unable to reach the correct side of the Dual Rail System. When against Right-Spin opponents, it is best to launch your Beyblade in the left Speed Cradle and vice-versa when against Left-Spin opponents. However, the small size of the Speed Cradles can cause a Beyblade to slip out if its near or too close to the edge.

Rail System - Dual Rail System

The Rail System consists of a rail that is designed to redirect Beyblades with SlingShock Performance Tips towards the Battle Ring, resulting in a massive head-on collision that can either KO or Burst the opponent. What sets the Rail Rush Beystadium apart from the SlingShock Beystadium however, is that the Rail Rush Beystadium features a Dual Rail System that creates an intersection that redirects Beyblades with SlingShock Performance Tips towards the center of the Battle Ring. This poses a high risk for any Beyblade, especially for Stamina and Defense Types, that stay in the center, as the opponent can either KO or Burst them. However, Tornado Staller Combinations can potentially evade the opponent, mainly if they spin opposite to the opponent.