This Random Booster contains one random Attack Ring, one random Weight Disk, one random Blade Base as well as Support Parts (Defense Ring) with the possibility of forming the Beyblades listed below. The random chances offer a possibility of 300 color variations.


  • Crab Diver (Prize Beyblade) (Orange) 1/12
  • Blizzard Orthros (Secret Beyblade) (Dark Blue)
  • Orca Diver (Ultramarine) 1/12
  • Manta Diver (White) 1/12
  • Crab Diver (Wave Navy Blue)
  • Crab Diver (Deep Sea Grey - White)
  • Orca Diver (Sunlight Orange)
  • Orca Diver (Deep Grey - White)
  • Manta Diver (Sunlight Orange)
  • Manta Diver (Ultramarine)
  • Driger V (Tiger Yellow)
  • Voltaic Ape (Shadow Black)

Weight Disks: Star Attack, Revolver Attack, Ten Heavy, Ten Balance or Ten Wide




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