Random Booster Vol. 11 Vise Leopard .12L.Ds (ランダムブースターVol.11・ヴァイスレオパルド.12L.Ds, Randamubūsutā Vol. 11 Vuaisu Reopardo .12L.Ds) is the eleventh Random Booster released as a part of the Beyblade Burst series. It was released in Japan on July 14th, 2018 for 993円.


Please note: One whole Beyblade is given in each individual booster. There is a 1/8 chance to get each Beyblade, including the prize Beyblade. Parts marked in bold are new to the series.

  • B-118 01: Vise Leopard 12Lift Destroy
  • B-118 02: Ark Bahamut
  • B-118 03: Nightmare Longinus
  • B-118 04: Winning Valkyrie
  • B-118 05: Emperor Forneus
  • B-118 06: Bloody Longinus
  • B-118 07: Vise Leopard (Recolor)
  • B-118 08: Screw Trident




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