Random Booster Vol. 18 Naked Spriggan.Pr.Om Ten (ランダムブースターVol.18・ネイキッドスプリガン.Pr.Om 天, Randamubūsutā Vol. 18 Neikiddo Supurigan.Pr.Om Ten) is the eighteenth Random Booster released by Takara Tomy as part of the Beyblade Burst series. It was released in Japan in December 2019 for TBA.


Please note: One whole Beyblade is given in each individual booster. There is a 1/8 chance to get each Beyblade, including the prize Beyblade. Parts marked in bold are new to the series.

  • B-156: Naked Spriggan Pr Orbit Metal Ten (Prize)
  • B-156: Naked Longinus 0 Turn Rise Sen
  • B-156: Dread Fafnir Pr Revolve Metsu
  • B-156: Draciel F 00 Wall Charge
  • B-156: Dragoon V Sting Evolution
  • B-156: Poison Dragon 11 Volcanic‘ Zan
  • B-156: Heaven Joker Gravity Operate Go
  • B-156: Erase Bahamut 1‘Star Zeta‘ So




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