The contents of Random Booster Vol. 8

Random Booster Vol. 8 Jade Jupiter is a Random Booster that was released on August 6, 2011 in Japan. As with all Random Boosters, there is a 1/8 given chance (approximately 12.5%) to get any specific Beyblade. The Prize Beyblade was Jade Jupiter S130RB.


Note: This Random Booster contains rare parts. The parts in bold are considered rare.



  • With the release of this Random Booster, it has allowed an easier way to obtain the parts FB, TR145, and Divine, as all of these parts were once only obtainable by buying the CoroCoro limited edition Divine Chimera.
  • Tip: Squeeze the back of this Random Booster box a little, if it's soft, you should get Jade Jupiter.
  • This Random Booster has three of the same Wheels that were released to two Beyblades. Two Screw Wheels, two Forbidden Wheels, and two Divine Wheels.
  • It is the second 4D System Random Booster.
  • It was released in August 6, 2011.
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