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Random Booster Vol. 9 Fusion Hades (ランダムブースターVol.9・フュージョンハーデス, Randamu Būsutā Vol. 9 Fyūjon Hādesu) is a Random Booster released by Takara Tomy as part of the Metal Saga. It was released in Japan on December 28, 2011.


Please note: One whole Beyblade is given in each individual booster. There is a 1/8 chance to get each Beyblade, including the prize Beyblade. Parts marked in bold are new to the series.



  • This set is the first Takara Tomy product to contain Hasbro original molds: the Torch (renamed Cloud) and Midnight (renamed Crash) Fusion Wheels.
  • This is the first Random Booster to contain L-Drago Beys.
    • The L-Drago Beys come with L-Drago III rather than L-Drago II Face Bolt stickers, despite being Meteo L-Drago variants.
  • This is the third Random Booster that has more than one Bey that appears in the anime. The first was Random Booster Vol. 5 Grand Ketos and the second was Random Booster Vol. 8 Jade Jupiter.