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The Rare Bey Get Battle is a Campaign by Takara Tomy.

Through the Beyblade app by Takara Tomy, users can use Beypoints to try and obtain a rare bey from Takara Tomy. They cannot be bought anywhere else and only a limited amount are available, and they have no price.

The following is a list of all the Rare Bey Get Battle Prizes.

Product Code Name Release Date
B-00a Booster αmaterios.α.α August 2015
B-00β Booster βaldur.β.β June 25, 2016
B-00 Booster Ωrichalcum.Ω.Ω August 2017
B-00 Booster Shining αmaterios.α'α.αn September 21, 2018 
B-00 Slash Valkyrie Goku April 26, 2019
B-00 Brave Σolomon 1D April 25, 2020
B-00 Dynamite Perseus-6 2021