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Rashad Goodman (ラシャド・グッドマン, Rashado Guddoman) is the main antagonist of the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst QuadDrive. Inspired by Valt Aoi, Rashad fought with his own Brave Valtryek Evolution' 2A, and later his own Salvage Valtryek Shot-7. He later becomes known as the High Prince, or the Supreme King (()(おう), Haō) in Japan, and replaces his Salvage Valtryek with his new Overdrive Quad Beyblade, Glory Regnar Over High Xtend+'.[2]


Rashad is a tall teenager with tan skin, red eyes, long red hair with six flame-style bangs and light-red tips, a pink band tied around the hair, and mint-green markings on his face: a small upside-down triangle on each cheek and a Beyblade symbol on the forehead. His attire consists of an orange gi shirt, with the right sleeve being short and the left long, a red robe with only a left sleeve, yellow border along the flaps with loose ends, azure, green and pink sections on the back, and a maroon inside, a white sash belt, a cerulean undershirt with white markings under the collar, dark-blue compression pants, burgundy boots with orange sections and yellow tips, and a burgundy fingerless gauntlet with a yellow section and wrist cuff.

After winning the Dynamite Battle Tour, Rashad altered his attire: a white robe with an orange border along the flaps, a red right short sleeve and a yellow spiked pauldron on the left shoulder, a red gi shirt, a purple undershirt that retains the markings from his cerulean shirt, and maroon pants.




Beyblade Burst QuadDrive


Launch Styles

  • Lightning Launch: When a Blader has achieved complete synchronization with his Beyblade, the Launcher will illuminate and sparkle, granting the bey a temporary increase in speed and power.

Special Moves

  • Salvage Whip: Utilizing the speed it builds up with the Shot Driver and its jump feature, Salvage Valtryek strikes the opposing Beyblades with the three blades and the three red rubber blades on the Salvage Blade, dealing massive damage.
  • Ultra Flying Upper: Utilizing the jump feature of the Shot Driver in its Awakened State, Salvage Valtryek delivers an even powerful slash that causes the opposing Beyblade to Burst seconds after being struck.
  • Ultra Salvage Whip: After shedding the extra rubber blades on the Salvage Blade as proof of its Awakening, Salvage Valtryek strikes the opposing Beyblades with the remaining three blades to deal even more damage to the point of an instant Burst.
  • Glory Crown: As Regnar's stamina runs low in Defense Mode, the 2 armor pieces on its Energy Layer move upward and clasp together, then projects a halo to increase its stamina and deflect an opposing Beyblade's attack.
  • Glory Breaker: After its layer has transformed to Defense Mode, Regnar channels its energy to the aura created to knock opposing Beyblades backwards.
  • Glory Dagger: Glory Regnar utilizes the short blades on the Armor to deflect the opposing Beyblade's attack.
  • Glory Pendulum: With the Glory Armor raised, Regnar moves in a circle around the center of the Beystadium and strikes the opposing Beyblade every time it bounces back toward Regnar.
  • Glory Spear: Regnar gathers energy and manipulates the small halo formed with the Glory Armor to form an energy cone and strikes the opposing Beyblade with full force.
  • Glory Slam: Glory Regnar catches the opposing Beyblade in its "Greatest Armor" and then slams them onto the stadium floor to throw them out of the stadium.
  • Heaven's Judgement:


Beyblade Burst QuadDrive
Opponent Episode Result
Valt Aoi 08 Lose (0-2)
Bel Daizora 10 Win (2-1)
Bel Daizora, Ilya Mao, Ranzo Kiyama, and Bashara Suiro (Battle Royale) 11 Lose
Bel Daizora 14 Win (2-1)
Bashara Suiro 14 Win (3-0)
Valt Aoi 15-16 Win (2-0)
Bashara Suiro and Ilya Mao 16 Win (2-0)
Bel Daizora, Valt Aoi, and Ranzo Kiyama (with Bashara Suiro and Ilya Mao) 17 Win (1-0)
Bashara Suiro and Ilya Mao 18 Win (4-0)
Valt Aoi 18-19 Win (0-1)
Bashara Suiro and Ilya Mao (Battle Royale) 20 Win
Phelix Payne 23 Win (2-1)
Bel Daizora and Valt Aoi 24 Lose
Bel Daizora 25 Win (2-0)
Valt Aoi 25 Lose (0-3)
Rashad Goodman 26 Lose (0-2)

Official Description

Beyblade Burst QuadDrive

A rising star at BC Sol, Rashad Goodman is seen by many as Valt’s successor. It’s no surprise—with his blend of passion and tact, Rashad is a natural-born leader. He looks up to Valt as a brother, but also as a rival to transcend.

Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst QuadDrive

Beyblade Burst QuadStrike


Valt Aoi

Rashad harbours a lot of admiration for Valt, even going as far as using a Valkyrie just like him. The respect is also mutual, with Valt even encouraging him to make his own Bey. Even during the Dark Prince vs High Prince battle, the two are still on good terms. However, Rashad has expressed disappointment in how Valt failed to care for his Salvage Valtryek due to it being destroyed, giving him an unwanted free victory.

Bel Daizora

Initially, the two were on neutral terms, but their opposite personalities rubbed each other the wrong way, resulting in a rivalry that ended in Destruction Belfyre's destruction. However, episode 36 suggests they are on good terms outside of battle.

Bashara Suiro

Bashara is shown to be very respectful toward Rashad, for Rashad pushed him to abandon Demise Spellcreeper for Roar Bahamut to get stronger, as well as helping Bashara become so strong he was able to place 2nd in the world youth tournament, losing to only Rashad himself.

Phelix Payne

Rashad and Phelix battled each other in the finals of the European Junior League, after losing to Rashad, he called Phelix's battle style boring. Since then Phelix holds a grudge against Rashad for saying those words.


  • "This is not the victory I wanted." - Rashad after he breaks Salvage Valtryek.
  • "You are the one responsible for breaking Valkyrie!" - Rashad reprimanding Valt over how the latter caused Salvage Valtryek's destruction.
  • "Is this your way of Beyblade?"



Theme Songs

Clash! Dynamite Battle / We're Your Rebels


  • Rashad is the second character to own a recolored Valtryek, the first being Azure Eye.
  • Rashad is the third character to own a non-generic Beyblade where the avatar's initial is different from his first initial (Rashad and Valkyrie), first being Lain Valhalla and his First Uranus and second being Bashara Suiro and his Death Solomon.
  • Rashad is the second of four QuadDrive characters whose initials are the same as their Bey: Glory Regnar, the others being Bel Daizora, Ilya Mao, and Phelix Payne.
  • After Rashad obtained Glory Regnar, he can be seen as a direct foil to Bel:
    • Rashad gained a new title, the "High Prince", which contrasts with Bel's "Dark Prince" title.
    • Bel is mischievous and immature while Rashad is serious.
    • Glory Regnar is based on angel, while Belfyre is based on a demon.
  • Rashad is the first antagonist to own a motif that was originally owned by a main protagonist, being Valt Aoi's Valtryek.
  • Initial English dub information provided in official materials stated his dub title to be the same "Supreme King" title as the Japanese version. However, his finalized title in the dub is "High Prince" instead.


  1. First used by Ilya after Rashad destroyed Belfyre in QuadDrive episode 14.
  2. Debuted in QuadDrive episode 15.