Rasputin (ラスプーチン Rasupūchin) (Russian: Распутин) is a minor character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: 2000.

Personality & Characteristics

According to Boris Balkov, Rasputin was an evil monk that plunged Russia into the depths of chaos when he was alive.

Personality & Characteristics

The creation of Black Dranzer likely meant Rasputin's soul had been lost to darkness either before or in relation to its creation, explaining his actions during his lifetime. Black Dranzer had the ability to turn a blader's lust for power against their better nature.


Centuries ago, Rasputin created one of the most powerful Beyblades in existence, Black Dranzer, using black magic. Because of the method he used to create it, it is difficult to control and no one, until it fell into the hands of Kai Hiwatari, had been able to subdue it. It is unknown how and when Boris Balkov came into possession of it.

Black Dranzer later would attempt to do the same to Kai, though eventually Kai chose his heart over Black Dranzer's power, avoiding the same fate as Rasputin.


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